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If you ever struggle with the question “Who is the luckiest person you know?”, struggle no more, the answer is ME.

This week while riding the renal wrangler through the old town, I drove past a scene that made me so giddy, that I had to go back and take some photos.  The chaps that trim and look after palm trees in town were cutting down the giant palm fruit brooms and loading them into a small truck. I stopped to ask if they were the edible kind, and if so, could I try one. They were the edible kind, and I did try one. Not ready unfortunately. After chatting for a few more minutes, the boys in green asked if I would like some to take with me, they even gave me a big trash bag to haul my treasure away in.  See, I am lucky.

Unripe dates loaded into truck.

My cache

And now from the countryside.

Flowering Bok Choy

Bok Choy Bloom

Back breaking weeding done by hand.

A cane greenhouse being erected at a new organic farm in the area.

Shepherd's assistant.

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You would not think that these two things could possibly be linked, but in my wonderful little life, they most certainly are.

So I had the great idea to clean my keyboard, I have done it many times before, but not for years, and not here in Spain to be honest. In the old days, you could just whip the cover off, and with a q-tip and some 96% alcohol, clean away the dirt and grime and cat hair from around the individual keys. We have 5 cats.

So I got out my trusty miniature screwdriver and set to work. I removed all of the screws without incident(I am handy) and attempted to separate the two pieces.  Not happening.  When I tried to pry the pieces apart, out tumbled about 20 little pieces of rubber, turns out they are the key, to keyboard suspension. You can’t drive one without them.  Looking at this I thought “forget this, how expensive can a new keyboard be”.  I like to be as practical and handy as much as the next gal, but spending 4hours putting all this back together again, if in fact I could, was not what I had envisioned for the rest of my day.  Besides, I had Tetris Battles at 3pm to win so,  Roadddddddddddd Trip. I got myself together and headed to  Al Campo, the shopping oasis and  shining star to the east of Salobreña.  You name it, you can get it here.

First let me say, that I am not a great shopper, I go in, get what I need and leave.  I am not a browser, I don’t go shopping when I am bored, I don’t care what is on sale, I don’t click on ads, I am the worlds worst consumer.  I also buy 99% of my clothes at second hand shops. One of my ploys to keep me out of the shops is dressing so badly that my friends buy me clothes for Christmas and birthdays.  It actually works out quite well.

So I took myself to Al Campo to get a shiny new keyboard.  Five euros ninety nine,  that is what a new keyboard cost. Is that fantastic or what. How can they even make them and ship them for that?

Whilst there I also decided to pick up some cat food and meat.  Did I mention we have 5 cats.  Anyway, on my way to the fresh meat department I came across a site so startling, so stupefying  that I just had to take some photos.  Now I have been to Al Campo at least 50 times over the last 12 years, but I don’t ever remember seeing this, it was astounding.  Pork, pork and more pork. I have never seen such a selection of dried sausage, chorizo, salami, jamón and all the other variations that met me on this day.  Unfortunately I did not get to take any pictures of the hanging jamóns,  security was a bit nervous of the woman taking close up photos in the meat department. But here is what I managed to snap.


These are usually cooked in soups or stews.


Stuffed with egg and pork


Morcilla, we know it as blood sausage

Morcilla and chorizo

Spicy hot chorizo.

Chorizo extra, I am not really sure what the extra is

Now that is progress, chorizo in intestines, in plastic.

Wall of deliciousness

Across the aisle

In case you don't own a knife.


Don’t forget to click on the photos.


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Friday found me at the market for some fish and photos.  Lies, I only ended up buying cherries to make jam, I wanted to buy fish, but I just hate cooking it, so cherries it was.

The prices  at the market are excellent, which makes living  or visiting here a relatively inexpensive endeavor.  For example,  I paid just 1 euro for 2 kilos of juicy plum tomatoes, the price of cherries was perfect for a day of jam making at just 2 euros a kilo so jam making it will be.  Mr Man returns from a visit home to see his parents on Monday, and the making of jam whilst away was a promise, so I am on it.

At the municipal market, there is both an indoor and outdoor part to explore, so be sure to go into the market building itself.  There is fresh fish, deli counters, fruit, flowers, housewares and more, plus you can have a coffee or drink in the cool of the shade on a hot summer day.

Outside you can buy clothing, leather goods, housewares, fresh fruit and veg, candy, shoes, even illegal cd’s.  Every once in a while the police have a crack down on illegal cd and dvd sales, but for the most part they can be found in the market.  Besides being of poor quality and illegally produced, the dvd’s are all in Spanish, so do not be tempted to buy such an item unless you are fluent in Spanish and you actually want to fund illegal activities here in Europe.  Just an FYI you can get the real deal at the second hand store at a quarter of the price and all the money  goes to feeding those less fortunate here in the area.

A few photos:

A busy Friday morning

One of my favourite sellers

Sponge Bob and Square Pans

Bargains Galore

Mmmm fresh fruit

Working hard

Inside the Municipal market building- taking a breather

Deli counter

The Butcher

Fresh as fresh can be.

Good Wood.

To dress your table

The chap on the right has been selling fruit and veg in the square for the entire 12 years that I have been here every Tuesday and Friday without fail.

African leather goods.

Nice tomatoes 1 euro for 2 kilos..ya baby, that's what I'm talking about.

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Good news, not only is the wisteria in full blooming glory at the moment, but the Huelva Strawberries have arrived in the market place en mass.  Richly coloured and delicious, the strawberries from our western provinces have arrived and the price is right!

Upon seeing them  I decided to make jam on the spot, so strawberry jam is the job for today.  The two boxes in the photo cost me 6 euros, in each box there are about  2.5 kilos of the most luscious but firm fruit.  I will keep you posted on the success or fail of the whole thing.. It’s touch and go at best!

Next to report for all you shoppers out there, Saturday the 2nd of April our monthly Carboot sale is back in it’s usual place at the Parque Infantil across from the duck park as I call it.  The whole thing kicks off about 9am so come on down and have a mooch around.

Now for the exciting news, Restaurant/Bar El Postigo up in the old town, are holding a live Flamenco Music and Dinner evening Sunday Night cost is 20 euros per person and includes 1 bottle red wine, a several coursed meal, plus live Flamenco.  You  cannot beat the price.  Some of you may remember El Postigo when it was called Betty Blue.  It’s a cute little restaurant with glorious views, 2 small terraces and a cozy intimate dining room.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear live Flamenco music.  The owner tells me that if it is a success, it will likely occur again.

The evening kicks off at 8pm and calling to reserve might not be a bad idea.  For Spanish you can call 645 680 379.  English and French, please call 618-641-608.  Reservations are not required, but it might be good to give them a heads up as seating is limited. Remember this is for Sunday the 3rd of April.

Beautiful Wisteria

Wisteria hanging over the entrance way to some flats on the beach

If only this was smell-o-vision...

Beautiful strawberries from Huelva

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Okay so I have a great and relatively new restaurant to tell you about.  A couple of months back 2 fellows took over the old Manhattan Bar located on the beach  and turned it into a terrific new Doner Kebab place and the food ROCKS!  It’s called King Doner Kebab Comida Turca, which translated means Turkish Food. Here is a not so great store front photo for easy identification if you are looking for it.

King Doner Kebab

The menu is inexpensive and the quality is excellent. Here is a sampling of the menu for you

Beef or Chicken Doner Kebab- 3.50

Combination Doner Kebab 4.00

Mixed plate of chicken or beef served with fries, veggies and salsa 6.50

The most expensive item on the menu is the Mixed plate of meat, fries, veggies, rice and salsa for only 7.00

There is also vegetarian food falafel,  vegetable kebab, Turkish salad etc.  Even their beer and liquor prices are good.

So, if you are looking for a delicious meal, go on down and give these guys some support, you won’t be sorry!

Next:  Yesterday I was on my way to Motril on my scooter to pick up a new digi box for our tv when I saw flashing police lights up ahead, behind the police escort was a massive flat bed truck carrying one of those turbine windmill blades.  As it passed I said to myself, damn if only I had of known it was coming I would love to have photographed it.. well not two minutes later I saw more lights up ahead so I quickly pulled over, dug out my camera and video taped it as it went by.  I for one knew these things were big, but when you see them up close you really get an idea of just how big they really are.  This type of windmill is all over the south coast of Spain and I am sure in other parts as well.. Here is an up close if not speedy view of one of the blades going by.

How is that for BIG!

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I picked all of this fruit today..There are quince, pomegranites, oranges and giant grapefruit. Isn’t Mother Nature fantastic?

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So, on Sunday myself and two very close  friends and I went to La Herradura, just to get out of town for the afternoon.  After visiting the new bar La Bamba owned by Joe and Jackie formerly of Torre Nueva, they used to have a very successful bar there called Crazy Joe´s.  Anyway, they are now running La Bamba, and it is a bit of a going concern. Because the weather has been so good, they had 60 reservations for the Sunday Roast Lunch which has proven very popular with tourists and locals alike.. You should try and stop in. Prices are good, and the Hosts very friendly and accommodating.. more on them on another day.

Today’s restaurant review is another restaurant in La Herradura (just 25minutes from Salobrena) called El Chambao de Joaquin.. This place is famous for its BBQ and its giant Paellas, which they serve every Sunday.  The place is located right on the beach, and they also have plenty of indoor seating available.  I have included pics for you to enjoy, finished off with the sunset pictures of that same day. Enjoy

Restaurant El Chamboa de Joaquin

There are lots of cool shaded places to enjoy a drink and read the paper

Indoor shot

more of the inside

Mmm Paella pronounced pie eh a, not, pie ehla I impore you to recognize the difference.. for all our sakes

Beach front seating

Our cook hard at work,A drum wok cooker

multi tasking big time.

Octopi or Pulpo as it is called in Spanish

Pork and Peppers in a wok


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Or as we like to call it, it’s the Seafood Festival 29jul-2 aug right here in Salobreña at the Parque Municipal La Fuente. ie It’s being held in the kiddy park. There is live music, a huge Tent with Shrimp, Beer, Wine, shows, fun for the kids as well… Music starts around 10 at night, so don’t miss it..I will have pics for you tomorrow hopefully. Entrance is free!

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Okay so my friend is here visiting  from Canada, and so we have been doing a fair amount of nothing most of the time, but some days we actually get our act together and do something.  Our latest was a day trip to Nerja.

Nerja is about 40 minutes down the road in the direction of Malaga.  We took the bus from Salobrena, which cost 3.45 pp/each way, which is pretty good I think.  Anyway we got the 10am bus and after a slow drop and pick up in Almuñecar on the way, we were there in about an hour.  We walked the streets, did some shopping, we each got a new straw hat and then we took a stroll around the Balcon de Europe.  It’s a lovely outcrop of rock with a  plaza with seating, there is even a hotel and a couple of bars.  The temperature was something like 600C give or take a degree or two.

The streets were empty of the usual mid summer tourist throngs,  moving thru the streets was without any of the usual hustle and jostle.  All in all a pretty quiet town this summer. Normally it is exactly the opposite.

Anyway, we found a route down to a nice little beach, complete with a tiny shack of a bar, and from there we walked up to the hotel and had ourselves a tall cool tinto de verano.  Luck was on our side when the waiter not only told us of an elevator to take us up the 6 stories  to street level, he actually took us too the elevator door himself.   Just how old do we look? I ask you.  Day saved we had enough energy to go to lunch at a cute Mexican Restaurant that has great food, great atmosphere, and the decor is super festive.  One hint, don’t order the lemon margarita.. order a lime or strawberry.  Trust me.

Enjoy the photos from our day out in Nerja.

Contestant Number 1

Contestant Number 1

Contestant Number 2

Contestant Number 2

View from the Balcon de Europe

View from the Balcon de Europe

View from the Balcony

View from the Balcony

View on the other side of the Balcon de Europe

View on the other side of the Balcon de Europe


Vendors Wagon.

Vendors Wagon.

Street scene.

Street scene.

Our Mexican Restaurant

Our Mexican Restaurant

Inside the restaurant

Inside the restaurant

take a close look at the menu

take a close look at the menu

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Salobrena’s 10th Annual Fiesta de La Tapa and the 3rd Annual Fiesta de la Copeo.

Weeeee we are celebrating Music, Food and Alcohol.

We have an exciting weekend coming up on the 20th of this month.. This is the weekend of the annual Fiesta de la Tapa taking place on the Paseo de Flores. Starting at 1pm.

Included in the activities are the following:

Firstly, there will be 4 bars, at which you can purchase beverages and try many of the different tapas up for grabs. A coffee and tea bar with an excellent selection of local pastries will also be available.

In the evening or late afternoon, there will be a Hip Hop competition between the 2 finalist groups in a contest put on by Radio Salobreña.

There will be top notch Juggling performance with Dario Dumont and Swinkles with his show ‘Yastin Gigolo’

There will Theatre in the Streets by the Group “Theatre Vegalume” with their work ‘Nostraladamus’.

At the Seniors Center, there will be  dance troops performing flamenco and other forms of dance as well.

Sunday June 21st

This day is set aside for the Potato Tortilla aficionados. A contest is being held to determine just who makes the best darn Tortilla in Town. The competition is being put on the by the Association of the Casco Antiqua de Salobreña. This is an association of neighbors.

The competition is simple.. Make a tortilla, have it there with it’s recipe by 1pm, judging starts at 1:30pm. This must be a homemade tortilla from scratch, no cook books please.

A jury will decide the winner, who will in turn win a weekend hotel stay at a 4star hotel for 2.

The jury will be made up from restaurant personnel and the head of the local Culinary school.   As well as all this great food to try and cold beers to be downed, three musical groups will be performing for your enjoyment.

Generally speaking this starts about 130pm and finishes around 4, so don’t leave it to late to enjoy the tortilla contest. Good news for the parents, there will also be a bouncy castle for the little ones.

One of the many tapas sure to be available, delicious Paella

One of the many tapas sure to be available, delicious Paella

And don’t forget, all this is followed by fire juggling, and partying on the beach on the 23rd for the Annual Fiesta de San Juan. To see some photos, you can refer to June 2008 in the archives, there are plenty of pictures.

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