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Reminder: The first annual Candlelight Walk on behalf of Acompalia this FridayMarch 21 at 18.30hr
The theme for the Candlelight Walk is:
Everything passes and everything stays,
Our fate is to pass away,
But as we pass, we make paths
Paths in the sea ’Andalusian poet Antonio Machada
Meet at the park in front of Cale Verde II Urbanisation  at the eastern end of the Salobrena promenade. 
Everyone will receive a candle on which they can write  the name of someone they wish to remember. Well walk from there to El Penon rock as the sun sets (walk app. 20 mins).  There will be a few words of remembrance on the rock for those who have passed on, and we will make a path of candlelight for them on the sea.
This will be followed by  drinks and tapas on the terrace  at El Penon restaurant and music by the popular Alpujarran group La Ley de Murphy
Donation on behalf of Acompalia 7 including candle, drink, tapas and music  

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Daisy Luther

If you had a business selling something that made you well over a hundred billion dollars per year, would you take steps to eradicate the need for your business? Or would you make every effort for that money continue rolling in?

Take cancer, for example. Don’t let all the media hype about “The Cure” fool you. No one who is in a position to do so wants to end cancer because they are all making a killing on the big business of treatment, while ordinary people go broke, suffer horribly, and die.

There will never be a “cure” brought to market because there just isn’t enough profit in eradicating the disease entirely. There will never be a governing body that protects consumers from being subjected to known carcinogens, because that, too, will stop the cash from rolling in. A great deal of research is covered up and many potential cures are ignored and discredited because there is far more money in perpetuating illness than in curing it. In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment was 124.6 billion dollars. Blood money.


The Grim Statistics

Just the word “cancer” sends a frisson of fear down the spine of the most stalwart optimist. Terrifyingly, almost one in two people will get the dreaded disease, and the numbers are only getting worse. Here are some quick stats for background:

  • Nearly half of all Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. (source) Quick math tells us that is an astonishing 157 million victims.

  • Over half a million people in America died of cancer in 2012. (source)

  • In 2011, cancer was the #1 cause of death in the Western world, and #2 in developing countries. (source)

  • Cancer is the #1 cause of childhood death in the United States. (source)

This is a fairly recent increase. A hundred years ago, the number was far different. At that time, 1 in 33 people was stricken with the disease. And despite billions of dollars being spent to find “the cure”, the World Health Organization predicts that deaths from cancer will DOUBLE by the year 2030.

It’s being normalized. The news is full of photos of babies who are missing an eye, of beautiful bald children who have lost their hair to chemo, and of people who have had to have body parts removed in order to survive a few more years. But cancer is NOT normal. It isn’t something that “just happens.” Researchers know the things that cause cancer. Government protection agencies do, too, but they do nothing to limit these toxins in the marketplace.


Because, cancer is big business and those who are profiting have great financial interest in seeing the deadly trend continue to increase.

Poisoned for Profit

So what has changed? How did we go from a 3% chance of contracting cancer to a 41% chance?

It’s the advent of Big Pharma, Big Agri and Big Business. They are getting rich off of poisoning Americans through the manufacture of toxic elements that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Unless you live in a bubble and have no contact with manufactured items, outside air, or the sun, you are exposed to a staggering number of known and suspected carcinogens every day. (Check out THIS LIST to see the known and suspected carcinogens that are readily available in the United States.)

The statistics support that the cumulative build up of all these different toxins in the human body eventually results in cancer in many people.

First, the manufacturers and the “food” producers profit when we buy their poisoned goods.

Then the medical system and pharmaceutical companies profit when we become ill and must fight cancer.

The drugs alone can cost over $100,000 per year, and that is on top of exorbitant costs for radiation, chemotherapy, and physicians’ bills. In the United States, cancer is the #1 most expensive “per person” illness to treat. (source)

Why would those who profit want to prevent cancer when 95.5 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR is spent on treating it? There is a vested interest in this increase in illness and the people benefiting from it have no intention of reducing the cases of cancer.

Don’t Count on Obamacare

Don’t look to Obamacare to be the saving grace of cancer victims, either. With this type of government-controlled medicine, budgets will be strictly adhered to and the decisions on how to proceed and what will be paid for will NOT be in the hands of the ill person. Treatments, medications, and funds will be strictly allocated through what many people are referring to as “death panels.”

Furthermore, Obamacare only covers 60% of your medical costs in most cases (after a hefty deductible) and none of your medication is covered. If you don’t have $50,000 or more kicking around for your co-pay, you will be out of luck, despite diligently paying your worthless monthly premiums.

Prevention: Your Only Defense

Avoiding carcinogens as diligently as possible is your best defense against becoming the “1 in 3″, but it isn’t easy. Furthermore, you’ll be considered an “extremist” or a “kook” by those around you who have buried their heads in the sand.

Basically, a spending day in the Western world is a like spending a day running a gauntlet of toxins and carcinogens. Big Pharma, Big Agri and Big Business are getting rich off of poisoning Americans.

There are steps you can take to limit your exposure but be prepared for many people to consider your actions extreme. Very few people are committed enough to their health and the health of their family to do the research required to identify the dangers around them and then go against the current to avoid those perils. (source)

Since most of us don’t live in a bubble, we will be subjected to some of these toxins – they’re impossible to avoid entirely. However, you can limit your exposure by taking the following steps to reduce your exposure to everyday poisons. (This list is expanded from the article, “The Great American Cancer Cluster” with permission from The Daily Sheeple.)

  • Purchase organic foods as often as possible. GMOs and pesticides are proven carcinogens.

  • Load your plate with colorful antioxidants. Opt for organic versions of foods like berries, colorful veggies, dark chocolate, and coffee, to name a few, are loaded with powerful, cancer-fighting antioxidants and will boost your immune system against other types of illness and disease as well.

  • Avoid processed foods. Many of the additives and preservatives featured abundantly in North America are banned in other countries precisely because of the health risks they represent.

  • Select non-toxic cookware. Nonstick cookware contains Teflon and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which emit at least toxic gases within 5 minutes of heating up that nonstick pan. Once the pans become scratched, toxic particles are leached directly into the food you’re preparing. Aluminum cookware is also potentially toxic. Cast iron, ceramic, glass, and clay are all better cookware options.

  • Don’t smoke.

  • Consume alcohol only in moderation.

  • Limit the use of plastic in your home. BPA or Bisphenol-A are petrochemical plastics that are a major component of many water bottles, lines the inside of canned goods, and makes up the hard material of many reusable food containers, including some brands of baby bottles. They leach cancer causing endocrine disruptors into food, especially if the food is hot. Use glass containers whenever possible.

  • Select personal care products that do not contain petrochemicals. Many cosmetics and other health and beauty aids contain petrochemicals. The danger of this is their byproduct, 1,4-dioxane, a proven carcinogen. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies dioxane as a probable human carcinogen California state law has classified dioxane to cause cancer. Animal studies in rats suggest that the greatest health risk is associated with inhalation of vapors. Avoid the following ingredients:

  • Paraffin Wax

  • Mineral Oil

  • Toluene

  • Benzene

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • Anything with PEG (polyethylene glycol)

  • Anything ending in ‘eth’ indicates that it required ethylene oxide (a petrochemical) to produce e.g. myreth, oleth, laureth, ceteareth

  • Anything with DEA (diethanolamine) or MEA (ethanolamine)

  • Butanol and any word with ‘butyl’ – butyl alcohol, butylparaben, butylene glycol

  • Ethanol and word with ‘ethyl’ – ethyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, ethylene dichloride, EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetracetatic acid), ethylhexylglycerin

  • Any word with “propyl” – isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, propylalcohol, cocamidopropyl betaine

  • Methanol and any word with ‘methyl’ – methyl alcohol, methylparaben, methylcellulose

  • Parfum or fragrance – 95% of chemicals used in fragrance are from petroleum


  • Opt for natural, biodegradable food grade cleaning products. According to the website Natural Pure Organics, the average household contains up to 25 gallons of toxic materials, most of which are in cleaning products. When you use these cleaners, they linger in the air and on the surfaces, increasing your exposure to carcinogens as you inhale the toxins into your lungs or absorb them through your skin.

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners. Aspartame, for example, is a known carcinogen that breaks down into formaldehyde in the human body.

  • Refuse vaccines. Many vaccines contain formaldehyde and mercury, both of which are known carcinogens. By the age of two, if a child has received all of the recommended vaccines, he or she has received 2,370 times the “allowable safe limit” for mercury (if there is such a thing as a safe level of poison). The HPV vaccine can actually increase the risk of reproductive cancer. The polio vaccinemost recently came under fire for its cancer-causing ingredients. (Learn more about the cancer causing ingredients in vaccines HERE.)

  • Avoid tap water. If you have municipal water, drink it at the risk of ingesting loads of toxins. First, there is the willful addition of sodium fluoride, a pesticide which is labeled as “deadly to humans.” Not only has the consumption of fluoride been linked to cancer, but it also lowers IQs, causes infertility, and causes hardening of the arteries. Then there is the addition of chlorine, which is used to kill bacteria that could make us sick. Unfortunately, according to Dr. Michael J. Plewa, a genetic toxicology expert at the University of Illinois, chlorinated water is carcinogenic. “Individuals who consume chlorinated drinking water have an elevated risk of cancer of the bladder, stomach, pancreas, kidney and rectum as well as Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

  • Maintain a healthy body weight. Obesity has been linked to increased risks of cancers of the esophagus, breast, endometrium, uterus, colon and rectum, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, and gallbladder.

  • Exercise daily.

The mindboggling thing is that those who strictly avoiding carcinogens and toxins are labeled “crazy” or “hysterical”. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched people roll their eyes or scoff when I refuse to partake in things that are hazardous. Somehow, drinking water from my own BPA-free water bottle is considered to be “extreme”. Not taking my children to McDonald’s or feeding them hot-dogs and Doritos is “mean”. Making our body care products and cleaning products from wholesome, non-toxic ingredients is “silly”.

I believe that knowingly ingesting toxic ingredients is “crazy”. I believe that rubbing carcinogens on my body or spraying them around my house is “ridiculous”. I think that having poison injected into my defenseless children or feeding it to them on a colorful plate is “mean”.

Never forget that the bottom line is profit. Don’t expect the FDA or the EPA to step in. They’ve proven time and again that their purpose is to serve the interests of Big Business, not the consumers.

Cancer represents big money to the pharmaceutical companies and the health industry. They do NOT have a vested interest in prevention. So, maybe, just maybe, subjecting your body to the tender mercies of Big Pharma and the AMA and lining their already loaded pockets is just a little bit sillier than taking steps to avoid illness altogether.

This article is dedicated to some beloved people in my life, one of whom fought it and won and the other who is fighting the good fight and will not go quietly… much love to SD and JS, and all who are touched by this icy finger.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions.

SOURCE: The Organic Prepper

– See more at: http://asheepnomore.net/2013/12/14/making-killing-cancer-124-6-billion-dollar-industry/#sthash.DAzH2S0V.P5BO4uld.dpuf

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Thursday of this week I had the great pleasure of traveling to a little town just north of  Salobreña in the Lecrin Valley called Nigüelas.  It is a sleepy little town nestled in the south-western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and at this time of year the sun is shining, the skies are deep blue and the weather for walking is perfect.

My friend and I were in Nigüelas to survey a walk to be done later in the month by the International Club of Salobreña.  Di quite often leads groups on hikes and walks, and every once in a while I get to go on the scouting missions. Happy Dance.

When you first arrive in Nigüelas, you will be coming in on the GR 400 this changes to Calle Trinidad.  There is a large parking lot on the left, right next to one of the bars, park here.  On foot, continue on along on Calle Trinidad right through town and out the other side.  You will pass  the Romantic Gardens, the old Olive Oil Mill and Museum, the Town Hall, which is located in the Romantic Gardens, and the Church.  Several little cafes, bakeries, even a rural guest house by the name of Casa Rural Lino.

If you continue on, the road will eventually slope downwards leading you into the countryside and onto the walking trails. While in town, stay to the right always.  There are two trails of interest.  One is a suspended walking trial with railing that meanders along the cliff face just below some cave houses. This is found by taking the left fork in the road.  The other is the walking trail that leads you up and over the mountains.  At the moment, the suspended trail is closed due to a portion of the trail collapsing in a recent storm.  Restoration has begun though.

You will know you are in the right place when you cross over the small stream. At this point, there is a map with routes and you can choose your destiny.  We went over the small stream and went left.  We by no means did the entire trail, we went as far as we wanted and doubled back, a good spot to aim for if you are just an occasional walker is Castelejos up in the hills.   The trail is actually a dirt/gravel road that you follow, so it’s not easy to get lost. Remember to bring lunch or snacks and something to drink.  Google earth is an excellent tool to use to get an aerial view of the area.

Romantic Gardens

Romantic Gardens

Romantic Gardens

Romantic Gardens



Inside the Town Hall buildings



Old Mill Stone


Town Hall Courtyard


Really big door leading to the street


The Church



Entrance to the Olive Oil Museum





You’re headed in the right direction


The suspended walkway.


The start of the walking trails


Another view at the start



Nice smooth surface for walking


Climbers, behind and out of sight is kind of a big rock stair case. Not for the inexperienced to be sure.






As far as we went

As far as we went

Almonds in the sun, that is what we are.

Almonds in the sun, that is what we are.

Heading down, you can see the town in the distance.

Heading down, you can see the town in the distance.

I took over 300 photos on this trip, which will give you an idea of just how beautiful the area is.  It’s definitely worth the trip if you like to walk or hike.


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Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2013 brings you all good cheer and good health!


Say goodbye to 2012, this is what our last sunset looked like for 2012.

Say goodbye to 2012, this is what our last sunset looked like for 2012.

Getting ready for the big day.

Getting ready for the big day.

Ready for their closeup.

Ready for their closeup.

Just a reminder to you all,  the Three Kings Parade takes place the evening of the 5th traveling up the main road from the beach. If you get a spot near Dia Supermarket, you will be right in the thick of things. all the action. Remember, all the shops will be closed on the 6th.


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Don Antonio

It is with heavy heart that I pass on this sad news,  Antonio of Bar Pesetas has left us.

Seldom a day would go by when I wouldn’t see Don Antonio, either driving through the old town or him standing just inside the door of his beloved Peseta Bar.  I remember him best for his warm smile, that twinkle in his eyes and those arms of steel that would gather you up and and squeeze the life back into you.  If you were going for a drink or a meal in the old town, you were going to Bar Peseta.  And not just for the food either, but for the way the Don Antonio made you feel, he simply made you feel welcome.  He was a kind and generous man who  cannot be replaced.

Descanse en Paz Don Antonio.


If anyone has any photos of Don Antonio, I would be very pleased to receive a copy.

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This gentleman is Justo, a neighbor of mine up in the old town. He is a master basket weaver and to watch him is a pleasure and a privilege.

Splitting the cane.

Smoothing the edges of any splinters

Tightening up the spokes.

Making final adjustments prior to the weaving process

And he’s off!

I had to go look for an errant cat, when I checked back, he was done.

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This Friday June the 8th sees the start of the Fiesta de San Antonio held in honor of the Patron Saint of Lobres, the town located just 10 minutes north of Salobreña.  The annual Fiesta de San Antonio is the largest celebration held there every year.  Although the fiesta starts on Friday evening at 10pm, most visitors to the area will probably enjoy the celebrations occurring on Saturday the 9th, Sunday the 10th and Wednesday the 13th.  A full list of activities can be found at the tourist office in Salobreña.  If you have children you are in luck, as most of the activities are designed with children in mind.  See you there!


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Sunday at 20:30 or 8:30pm the film “The Iron Lady” starring Meryl Streep will be showing at the Auditorium in Salobreña. It will be presented in English, with Spanish subtitles.

See you there!


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Tuesday of this week I hopped a bus and headed off to Málaga to see the Picasso Museum.  What a great day and so easy by bus, no need to drive.  We caught the 09:40  bus from Salobreña and arrived 2 hours later in down town Málaga.  If you are going to the museum, it is best to get off at the Málaga Port stop.  Getting off here lands you square in the historic old town of Málaga, which in my opinion is the best part of Málaga.

The streets are beautiful and so colorful, a pleasure to walk through.   Entrance to the museum is just 6 euros for the permanent exhibition, however you can buy a combo ticket that will give you access to not only the Picasso works, but the temporary exhibits in house at the time that you visit.  Well worth the extra 2 or 3 euros.

The museum itself is a lovely building, with an excellent gift shop and a cafe located in the internal terrace away from the hustle and bustle of the streets.  Very pleasant indeed.  Two coffees will set you back 4.50 euros.  Upon entering the museum, you must check all bags, which they x-ray first.  Taking photos inside the galleries is NOT permitted, but all other areas are okay.  Security is tight so don’t even try.

After leaving the museum we had a lovely leisurely lunch at the Restaurante  Cosmopolita  http://www.spanish-menu.com/setlang.php?langstate=UK&UG_hodnota_id=44&sn=5  You can check the link.  The food was very good and I highly recommend the white chocolate mousse and caramel apple desert. TO DIE FOR.  Needless to say the diet went out the window.  Lunch was 45 euros, we had in total, 5 beers, oxtail soup for 2 ( 14.00 euros) bread, coffee and dessert.

After lunch, we slowly made our way through the town to catch the 17:30 bus back to Salobreña.  Cost of a bus ticket, is 7.21 euros each way per person.  Now that I know where the historic area is, I am sure I will be going back in the very near future!  I took so many photos, that I have had to mount them as thumbnails, just click the photo to enlarge.  Enjoy!



Picasso Museum photos.


This is Bodega Las Garrafas, a restaurant that has been in this location for more than 50 years, it has a good inexpensive menu, and a very nice ambiance.  I am just sorry I did not take more photos.








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Cruces de Mayo

It’s that time of year again, the Cruces de Mayo celebration is getting under way.  The Casa de Cultura and the Tourism office have gotten the information out early this year with a map the of the participants, so that is great news.   Way to go guys.  

If you click on the map, it will enlarge for better viewing..You can also stop by the Casa de Cultura or the Tourism office for a copy if you wish.

I also  want to tell you about a fundraiser for the Paws for Thought animal charity that does so much good work here in Salobreña and all along the Costa Tropical.  They have re-homed hundreds of cats and dogs, chipped, spayed or neutered and given medical attention where needed.  They really do a great job.. You can meet Joanne and her associates at the car boot this Saturday in Salobreña.  Why not stop by and either buy something or donate what you can.  They really do great work!  Fundraiser takes place Saturday June the 2nd in La Herradura.

Taken from the terrace of Peter Gil..thanks Peter, you really do have fantastic views.

Seen on one of my jaunts yesterday.. So pretty in person.

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