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lenticular 3

lenticular 4

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The Spanish title says it best.. it means corners of Salobreña in direct translation, but it means a bit more.. like special hidden places in Salobreña.  A walk the other day in the rain yielded these pretty little side streets

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29sep 2014 d3100 584

29sep 2014 d3100 585

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29sep 2014 d3100 442

La Compana Bar

La Compana Bar

29sep 2014 d3100 394

29sep 2014 d3100 409 29sep 2014 d3100 410

29sep 2014 d3100 415 29sep 2014 d3100 418 29sep 2014 d3100 430

29sep 2014 d3100 443

La Bahia Restaurant under water

La Bahia Restaurant under water

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I was walking through the old town this morning, taking pics and enjoying the beautiful weather that we are having.  As I came down some steps I spotted these three little girls totally engrossed in the fun of playing with dolls and a Barbie convertible.  Santa Claus has already has been, but the Three Kings have yet to arrive, they come the night of the 5th.  It’s so nice to see kids playing by themselves in the streets.



29sep 2014 d3100 065

29sep 2014 d3100 067  29sep 2014 d3100 068


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Well the new year has arrived and with it has come some beautiful warm sunny days.  I have always said that the first two weeks of January are the best for good weather in the winter time.  We have had very little rain this past fall and winter so far, with only one good rainfall so far which occurred on the 24th of December.

Lots of succulents are blooming, as is the Cape Honeysuckle (seen below), and the birds that return each winter are here as well.. lots of red starts, great tits and even a flock of storks have been seen by me this week.  I must go birding soon.  The almond trees will be in bloom soon as well.  All the best for another great year for everyone.  Just a few pics from the week. Enjoy


Flock of storks soaring above the Monte as seen from Casa Hannah

Snow on the mountains

Snow on the mountains

The big orange wall in Motril, Cape Honeysuckle

The big orange wall in Motril, Cape Honeysuckle

Automatic lettuce planter

Automatic lettuce planter, which I have never seen used here before or anywhere else for that matter.

Automatic Lettuce planter

Automatic Lettuce planter with workers filling in the spots missed.


Close up of the workers filling in the blanks.

Potatoes popping their heads up out of the black plastic.

Potatoes popping their heads up out of the black plastic.

Flowers of Aloe plant

Flowers of Aloe plant

Beautiful banana with it's flower.

Beautiful banana with it’s flower.


succulents in bloom

succulents in bloom

Christmas on Calle Rosario

Christmas on Calle Rosario


A long way up.

A long way up.

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La Caleta, La Guardia, Salobreña



Just above La Caleta


Straw Flower


Straw Flower


Beautiful Wisteria

Beautiful Wisteria


One of my favorite houses along the Camino de Canal









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Sugar Cane Factory La Caleta.

It’s all there in Black and White

I am learning more and more about my camera, so I thought I would try my hand at some black and white photos so  I chose the cane processing plant in La Caleta as my subject.  It should be noted, that the factory no longer processes sugar cane, it stopped doing that in 2006.  Today the factory makes alcohol from molasses brought in from around the world made from both sugar beet and cane.  Mind the GMO possibilities!  The molasses arrive by ship into the Motril port and huge tanker trucks bring the molasses to the factory to be processed into pure alcohol, just like the newer plant just up the road in Lobres.

The factory  is quite old and there are whole sections completely abandoned and falling into decay.  It was here that I took these photos and on the surrounding grounds .  Technically speaking, I was not even supposed to be on the grounds, but the gate was open, so to someone that likes to take pictures, it was practically an invitation.  In the future I will call in and see if I can get access to the areas still in operation.  A grubbier looking place you will not find.  Mind the Tetanus!



















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Thursday of this week I had the great pleasure of traveling to a little town just north of  Salobreña in the Lecrin Valley called Nigüelas.  It is a sleepy little town nestled in the south-western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and at this time of year the sun is shining, the skies are deep blue and the weather for walking is perfect.

My friend and I were in Nigüelas to survey a walk to be done later in the month by the International Club of Salobreña.  Di quite often leads groups on hikes and walks, and every once in a while I get to go on the scouting missions. Happy Dance.

When you first arrive in Nigüelas, you will be coming in on the GR 400 this changes to Calle Trinidad.  There is a large parking lot on the left, right next to one of the bars, park here.  On foot, continue on along on Calle Trinidad right through town and out the other side.  You will pass  the Romantic Gardens, the old Olive Oil Mill and Museum, the Town Hall, which is located in the Romantic Gardens, and the Church.  Several little cafes, bakeries, even a rural guest house by the name of Casa Rural Lino.

If you continue on, the road will eventually slope downwards leading you into the countryside and onto the walking trails. While in town, stay to the right always.  There are two trails of interest.  One is a suspended walking trial with railing that meanders along the cliff face just below some cave houses. This is found by taking the left fork in the road.  The other is the walking trail that leads you up and over the mountains.  At the moment, the suspended trail is closed due to a portion of the trail collapsing in a recent storm.  Restoration has begun though.

You will know you are in the right place when you cross over the small stream. At this point, there is a map with routes and you can choose your destiny.  We went over the small stream and went left.  We by no means did the entire trail, we went as far as we wanted and doubled back, a good spot to aim for if you are just an occasional walker is Castelejos up in the hills.   The trail is actually a dirt/gravel road that you follow, so it’s not easy to get lost. Remember to bring lunch or snacks and something to drink.  Google earth is an excellent tool to use to get an aerial view of the area.

Romantic Gardens

Romantic Gardens

Romantic Gardens

Romantic Gardens



Inside the Town Hall buildings



Old Mill Stone


Town Hall Courtyard


Really big door leading to the street


The Church



Entrance to the Olive Oil Museum





You’re headed in the right direction


The suspended walkway.


The start of the walking trails


Another view at the start



Nice smooth surface for walking


Climbers, behind and out of sight is kind of a big rock stair case. Not for the inexperienced to be sure.






As far as we went

As far as we went

Almonds in the sun, that is what we are.

Almonds in the sun, that is what we are.

Heading down, you can see the town in the distance.

Heading down, you can see the town in the distance.

I took over 300 photos on this trip, which will give you an idea of just how beautiful the area is.  It’s definitely worth the trip if you like to walk or hike.


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Brrr, what is going on?  The sun tried all day to break through what looked like snow clouds, but it just could not.  Silvery light with lots of shadows is what we got.  Highlights from the day.











And now a little something to brighten things up.

The almonds are blooming.







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Winter clouds

Just 3 quick shots from last night’s sunset.  Every night we are rewarded with a different show.  So beautiful.




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