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Hi everyone,

I am going to be unable to post any new pics for a while as I am in Canada for an undetermined amount of time. If anyone would like to submit photos or stories, poems anything, I would be most pleased to post them on your behalf. If we could keep it to the theme of the Costa Tropical that would be great… Once I am up and on my feet again, I will get back to my normal posting.

Cheers and Thanks for your patience.

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Oh boy, more great photos arrived into the mail bag again for us. These photos were submitted by Chris Sewell and his wife who have in fact submitted photos before. The shots here show some scenes from a very pretty little town just north of us called Velez de Benaudalla. It too has a castle, but it also has an ancient Nazari Garden that was built by the moors. To see more photos of Benaudalla and get a bit more info, please see this link. http://www.costatropicalinternet.com/granada/velez-de-benaudalla.html

If you are in the area, and looking for something fun to do tonight, you can head on down to El Padrinos in Salobrena on the beach for a Halloween Karaoke night!

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I don’t think I have mentioned the Lecrin Valley, which is about a 25 minute drive up the highway heading towards Granada. It is a lovely area with about 17 small villages dotting the mountainsides. One fine person by the name of Ann has sent me 4 great photos to give you an idea of what you are missing. If you are planning a trip to the area, this shows why having a car rental is so important. There are just so many beautiful sites to see. Thank You Ann for these great photos! Ann if you send your last name along I can give you your due credit for the photos.

Now doesn’t this make you want to come on over? Good news for any of you Americans out there, a little bird tells me, that the dollar is going to steadily increase in value, overpowering the euro and making travel to Europe very affordable. Start planning!!!

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Yeah, more readers submissions.  Thanks to Peter and Ruth Wilkins again, for these latest submissions.  The Wilkins have come to Salobrena many times, and luckily for us, they brought their camera.  Enjoy!

Please be inspired by these shots to either come and visit us, or send along some of your own favourite snaps. Cheers

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Courtesy of Elaine and Paul Thomas, comes this photo of one of the beach cooks preparing pulpo or octopus as we in English call it. There are several of these guys along the beach, some do sardines, others pulpo. If you have never tried it, it is a must do, especially the sardines.

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Because I am still away, with no exact date of return yet, I invite you all to send in your favorite photos of Salobrena, and the surrounding area.  I will be very pleased to post them here and give you all the credit.

Please email me at oneblondepilgrim@yahoo.com


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From time to time, visitors to Salobrena, and readers of this blog submit their favourite photos for all to see.  Todays sumbmission is a second time round for Peter and Ruth Wilkins.  These photos were taken during the Romeria 2008 and it’s preamble. Enjoy!

Let me say thanks again to Peter and Ruth Wilkins for these photos, and encourage anyone else that have photos to share to send them on in.

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