What started out as a dry french bread dough  cake with a bean hidden in it has over the past 300 years evolved into a delicious danish type dough cake with sweet cream, caramelized sugar and dried fruit placed decoratively on top.  This year was my very first year to try it, not the last to be sure.. it really was delicious, and it made my birthday on the 9th extra special.

My Three Kings Birthday Cake

My Three Kings Birthday Cake

The booby prize, a dried haba bean

The booby prize, a dried haba beans

29sep 2014 d3100 293

I actually got the prize, a porcelain Balthazar.

Wikipedia says:

The “king cake” takes its name from the biblical three kings. In Catholic liturgical tradition, the Solemnity of Epiphany – commemorated on January 6 – celebrates the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child. The Eve of Epiphany (the night of January 5) is popularly known as Twelfth Night (the Twelve Days of Christmas are counted from Christmas Eve until this night). The season for king cake extends from the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas (Twelfth Night and Epiphany Day), up until Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday;” the day before the start of Lent. Some organizations or groups of friends may have “king cake parties” every week through the Carnival season. In Portugal and France, whoever gets the King cake trinket is expected to buy the next cake for these get-togethers

After Christmas Fun

I was walking through the old town this morning, taking pics and enjoying the beautiful weather that we are having.  As I came down some steps I spotted these three little girls totally engrossed in the fun of playing with dolls and a Barbie convertible.  Santa Claus has already has been, but the Three Kings have yet to arrive, they come the night of the 5th.  It’s so nice to see kids playing by themselves in the streets.



29sep 2014 d3100 065

29sep 2014 d3100 067  29sep 2014 d3100 068


I spotted this woman today standing in the market square accepting letters to give to the Three Kings for gift delivery on the 6th of January.  On the night of the 5th of January there is a parade with floats, bands and the Three Kings, think Santa Claus parade and you will get the general idea.  In cities like Madrid and Malaga, the parades are massive and amazing.. I was lucky to be in Madrid in 2001 for their parade, and it was spectacular..it takes place at night, with fireworks, lights, floats and music.. just amazing.

29sep 2014 d3100 020

Romeria 2014: The Horses

A few years ago there was some kind of incident on the beach involving horses, their riders and alcohol.  Following that the town hall decided to banish the horses from the mix.  They were given their own area away from the crowds and they were not allowed back for about 3 years.  Because of this, each year fewer and fewer riders bothered to bring their horses down and it really did have a profound affect on the overall atmosphere of the Romeria.  It’s a  different Romeria without horses.    After much pleading and promises, deals were made and the horses were allowed back into the mix.  I for one am happy, life has been brought back to the party.

29sep 2014 d3100 369

29sep 2014 d3100 367

29sep 2014 d3100 366

29sep 2014 d3100 365

29sep 2014 d3100 368

29sep 2014 d3100 030 29sep 2014 d3100 122 29sep 2014 d3100 039 29sep 2014 d3100 116 29sep 2014 d3100 327b 29sep 2014 d3100 331 29sep 2014 d3100 297 29sep 2014 d3100 306 29sep 2014 d3100 294  29sep 2014 d3100 380 29sep 2014 d3100 39029sep 2014 d3100 395

29sep 2014 d3100 354

Romeria 2014 is now just a fond memory.  The weather was fantastic and everyone had a great time.  Up first, the kids.

29sep 2014 d3100 018

29sep 2014 d3100 151

29sep 2014 d3100 164

29sep 2014 d3100 169

29sep 2014 d3100 171

29sep 2014 d3100 174

29sep 2014 d3100 180

29sep 2014 d3100 179


29sep 2014 d3100 202b

29sep 2014 d3100 210

29sep 2014 d3100 221b

29sep 2014 d3100 246

29sep 2014 d3100 260

29sep 2014 d3100 262

29sep 2014 d3100 472

29sep 2014 d3100 477

29sep 2014 d3100 480

29sep 2014 d3100 483

29sep 2014 d3100 512

Romeria 2014 Sunday October 5th

It is that time of year again.  The Romeria or Pilgrimage that honors our Patron Saint Rosaria will take place this Sunday commencing at 11am.  For those already here, a program can be obtained from the tourist office, or a digital copy may be downloaded from the Tourism Salobreña Facebook page.

It is a large booklet, lots of information and photos.  The pertinent information regarding times and activities starts about about page 58, so keep scrolling if you have downloaded the pdf file.


The day will be loaded with traditional costumes, decorated wagons, horses doing dressage, lots of food and music.  Don’t miss the biggest party on the coast.  If you wish to see photos from previous years, check out the archives for Oct for any of the previous 7 years.


This photo was takin in 2009.

This photo was takin in 2009.

Dancing in the Rain

I know, I know, it’s been a while.  It was mainly camera related, but the new camera is finally here so I am back and raring to go!

Yesterday, although there was plenty of rain, the show did go on.. Latvian dancers led by Olga Zitluhaina  took to the stage in our Amphitheater to perform some really uplifting contemporary dance routines.  Anna told me that they normally winter in Crimea, but with all the problems there, they decided to give Southern Spain a try, and aren’t we glad that they did.  Here are a few pics from the afternoon show.



28sep 2014 d3100 055b 28sep 2014 d3100 054

28sep 2014 d3100 056b 28sep 2014 d3100 061b

Anna Novikova

Anna Novikova

Anna Novikova

Anna Novikova

28sep 2014 d3100 057 28sep 2014 d3100 059b

28sep 2014 d3100 062b28sep 2014 d3100 066b28sep 2014 d3100 069b

Then the rain came

Then the rain came

28sep 2014 d3100 078ab 28sep 2014 d3100 079ab

28sep 2014 d3100 080b

Oh to be young and beautiful again.

Oh to be young and beautiful again.

28sep 2014 d3100 084ab

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