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Last years Christmas Point alive and well to see another year.

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Good Day all.. as the caption reads, it is indeed raining.  We did have a beautiful 4 or 5 days though when the weather was positively glorious..so Spring/Summer is trying to make its arrival here. Time for spring cleaning and early planting.. The garden centers are all ready to go as you can see in the photos from my last entry.

Well we are having a typical spring here.. lots of rain broken up by glorious days of hot sunshine.. Great weather for planting, and that is just what I have been doing.. I will post pictures when it looks like something other than a nuclear test site.

Here are a couple of sunny photos to whet your whistle and get you thinking of those hot still sunny Spanish afternoons.  The sun is blazing, the air is dry and there isn’t even a wisp of a wind.  Red planet hot,  with impossible blue cloudless skies. And as I finish preparing this post, the sun has indeed come out.

Blue skies

Some people even break into song and dance without the least provocation.

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On a clear day, you can see for miles. And what a beautiful day it is today as well.  After all that dreadful wind, the sea and the skies have returned to normal, leaving behind, smooth seas and crystal blue skies.  There is a view off my front porch that I never tire of, the way the early morning sunlight hits the red roof tops and white wall below me can be really quite stunning.  Notice the Agave’s and the beautiful flowering yuccas we have right outside our door.

A view with room.

A view with room.


Morning Light

Morning light


Pollenating Rhythm ya got me on the run.

Pollenating Rhythm ya got me on the run.

A shot of colour in Almuñecar

A shot of colour in Almuñecar

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This is by no means all of the fruit that we bought either.

Today was market day, and so today the boss and I went down to get our weeks worth of fruit and veg.  The prices were fantastic in my opinion.  Here is what we got for 9 euros.

1 kilo tomatoes

1 kilo delicious ripe cherries

1/2 kilo onions

a large bunch of bananas

1 kilo paraguayas- delicious little fruits that look like squashed peaches they can be seen in the photo

2 large avacados

All this for just 9 euros.. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a great deal.

When we got home I snapped this photo just outside our door over the wall.


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