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Okay everyone, this is another reminder that the annual “Paws for Thought” dinner is being held on the 11th of December at the Asador Restaurant located directly across from Super Sol on Avenida de Mediterráneo.

All profits are used for animal welfare.

More than 100 cats and dogs have been neutered or spayed since the start up and that is not all!  Monies are also spent on additional surgeries to restore sight, cure infections and much more.

Re-homing these animals is also high on the list of priority, and so far, they are doing fantastically well at this as well.  Great Work Ladies, and  see you on the 11th.

Reservations are required, so please contact Joanne James at 628 548 895 to book your seat.  Remember, last year this event sold out with everyone having had a wonderful time.  The cost of the ticket includes one raffle ticket for your chance to win one of the many fabulous prizes, additional tickets can be purchased on the night.  More than 50 tickets have already been sold already, so don’t miss your opportunity to get yours!

Please come out and support the fine work being done by Joanne and her team of Pussy Cat Angels.  Remember you can also stop by their little makeshift shop set up next to the post office each Monday between 10-1pm each week. All purchases are by donation only.  You decide what you can afford! Look for the  “Arnolds Removal”  sign next to the psot office.  Arnold generously donates this space to the Charity, so keep him in mind if you need something moved, he is a reliable chap and works fast and inexpensively!


I took a little drive into the countryside ( el campo) yesterday to take some photos for the blog.. I hope you enjoy.

Clever crop irrigation to newly planted trees. Remind you of anything?

Could these just be ornate ancient irrigation pathways? It's a more reasonable explanation.

Top of the giant rock outcrop on the north side of the highway


Ruin with a view

Rear Window

From the kitchen.

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