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So after the trip to El Torcal, we climbed back on board the bus and we were whisked off to the lovely city of Antequera just 20 km away.  Antequera is a beautiful city with breath-taking views, gorgeous architecture, Roman ruins and two large Bronze Age Dolmens to mention just  a few of its attractions.  It was inexpensive to eat out, and spectacularly clean.  This is very doable as a one day outing, but I would suggest an overnight stay as it is so beautiful and there is so much to see.  On our short walk around, we barely scratched the surface, I can see a return trip in my future. Enjoy!


A fantastic little place to eat and drink with very reasonable prices. Located right in front of the Museum Square










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This week I had the good fortune to join some friends at the International Club for a hike through El Torcal National Park.  What was originally described as a walk through Torcal, turned out to be a difficult and somewhat treacherous hike for some.  After all the rain that we have had, the track was quite muddy and slippery in parts, but it did not deter us, we crept onward.

El Torcal is a small mountain range lying between Malaga and Antequera, the highest point of which is 1336m.  There are 3 walking routes, the 1.5km Green which is the easiest and should take about 30 minutes, the 2.5km Yellow which travels along the green route for a good portion of the walk before veering off on its own, and finally the 4.5km Red route which takes about 3 hours.  None of these walks is really suited for anyone with any kind of mobility issues  as it is quite rocky and steps up or down can be a quite steep.  Leave the weakest behind, and save yourself.

It’s a lovely day trip from Salobreña, with a follow-up trip to Antequera or the Wolf Park.

Photos from El Torcal

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