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And what a beautiful May day it was Sunday, the beach was packed, certainly no parking could be found the entire stretch of the beach, and it was the perfect day for a fund raiser.  The people at Paws for Thought, had yet another successful fund raiser on Sunday at the bar Legends.  Owner Jo put on a fantastic buffet lunch with at least 40 different items to choose from with a killer curry to boot.  All in all, I think about 4o or 50 people showed up to eat, laugh, win and support this oh so worthy cause.

For those of you that are new to the site, Paws for Thought is a local charity that helps the stray animals living in and around Salobreña. The charity works to spay and neuter these strays, give medical attention, and whenever possible find them new homes.  Much fun was had at the fund raiser despite the terribly windy day.

fund raising

Fund Raising

lunch guests

Waiting on a sausage

buying a windup

Buying a wind-up

no parkingno parking

at the beachat the beach

beach2what a view.

So there you have it, just another day in paradise!


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Another great photo to make me home sick.. Heloise from Costa Tropical Rentals Spain is keeping me afloat with lots of great photos, which I have been posting regularly.. A big Thank You to Heloise for this!  For anyone that has spent anytime in Spain, this will be a very familiar and welcome sight.


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So there is a new bar in town called Lengends, down on the beach.  Heloise from Costa Tropical Rentals sent this photo in of her friend having a good old dance to the music.. A good time was had by all, and Heloise advises, that the place was very busy throughout the evening.. I can’t wait to check it out when I get back.


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Heloise Nolan, from CostaTropical-Rentals-Spain.com.  One of the longest running rental agencies in the area known for excellent properties, and great prices has sent me in a series of photos that I am going to be posting here in my blog, as I am still in Canada sulking about the weather.

Today’s photo is of a deserted bit of beach between Salobrena and Motril.  It’s a lovely walk to do by the way, going between Salobrena and Motril. As you can see in this photo, it was a bit of a grey day, but beautiful non-the-less.  You can learn more about Heloise’s agency by clicking on her Costa Tropical Rentals link in my blog roll.  Be sure to read the comment she added to my You can fight city hall post as well..very informative.


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And what a view.  I am very pleased to post this photo submitted by Mike at Salobrena Holidays, his website is located in my blog roll, so if you are interested in the area, take a look at his site.  Please be sure to check out all of the rental websites to find that perfect vacation spot.  I believe that this photo was taken from his property located up on Monte de Los Almendros just outside of Salobrena.


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Hello and Happy New Year! I thought I would be sure to enter a post on the final day of the year as I have not been posting much at all due to the fact that I am still in Canada.
It’s been a quiet year on the rental front for most people, the pound has been taking a beating, or is it a pounding? Either way, it’s down and the euro is up. News on the horizon is that by this time next year, the euro will be worth about half of what it is now.. .you don’t half to believe it, but you heard it here first… Buy American dollars if you can.
Hey, I know people,that know other people, that know people, and those people, they know.

Just a heads up, a little bird told me that there is a new bar that has just opened up on the beach front called Legends and believe it or not they have live entertainment. It is located just around the corner from the Chinese restaurant down by bar Flores, so be sure to look out for it and give them a little support if you can. That’s it, have a Happy New Year and have as much fun as you can, it really is good for you.

Cheers and all the best M.

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Yeah, more readers submissions.  Thanks to Peter and Ruth Wilkins again, for these latest submissions.  The Wilkins have come to Salobrena many times, and luckily for us, they brought their camera.  Enjoy!

Please be inspired by these shots to either come and visit us, or send along some of your own favourite snaps. Cheers

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