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Great news, the Car Boot Sale is not only back once a month, but it is now being held in SALOBRENA! For those of us that love a good mooch around a flea market, our day has come.   The International Club of Salobrena (ICOS) is organizing the once monthly event held on the first Saturday of each month. Not only are they organizing it, but they have a table as well with proceeds going to replenish and repair the childrens swing sets, slides and jungle gyms in the parks, a worthy cause indeed.   This past Saturday was the first day that the event, and even though the weather was not great, there was a very good turn out, not only by the bargain hunters, but by the vendors as well.  As the weather improves, I am sure the number of stalls will increase expedentially with the weather.

The charity Paws for Thought was also present, and the word is that they did a very impressive amount all things considered.  The rain was the enemy once again.  The Paws for Thought people have  a table and all proceeds are going to help the sick and homeless cats and dogs in the town and around the immediate area.  Joanne and Linda were there with smiles on and managed to sell an impressive number of  items to aid their cause.  For those interested in seeing more of Joanne and Linda, they also attend the car boot twice monthly in Motril.  Help if you can lots of tiny mouths depend on it.

And last but not least, a look to remind us what September looks like here. Enjoy!

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Coming Home

Well I am happy to report, that before long I shall be back in sunny Salobrena and enjoying all that she has to offer.  After 7 months of medical tests, appts, treatments etc.. I am on the mend and heading home.  If all goes well, I should be back by mid May, and I can get back to work on my poor neglected little blog.

Look out Salobrena, Mommy’s coming home!!

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Well having said that, I hope they don’t change the sign, it’s old, and it has character.  So many things about this place remind me of my childhood trips to the cottage on Lake Simcoe in Ontario.  In some ways it’s like going back in time about 40 years.  It’s simple here, people go to the beach in the morning and return at night.  The babies are naked and there are no ghetto blasters annoying everyone.  It’s just nice.  This sign is showing us to the beach in the little town of La Guardia which is right next to Salobreña, within walking distance.

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