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secondhand-store.jpg This is our second hand store, all monies earned here go to support a local charity.  The building is actually one of the old aristocracy houses, it has at least 30 rooms, a winding staircase, frescoes on the ceilings, the lot, it is in complete disrepair, but it is a huge amount of character.  I must get more photos. (making mental note)

I decided this morning that it is probably about time that I told you a little bit about Salobreña.

Salobreña is a small white washed village situated right on the coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  We have a population of about 12 thousand people, of which about 500 are foreigners.  The locals here have in the past made their livings working the land, and until recently, this area had produced sugar cane.  This area had one of the last functioning sugar cane factories in Europe up until last year.  Now green beans, potatoes and other veg fill the fields.  Harvesting is still done by hand, green beans are grown throughout the year, and a picker can earn 35 euros for a 5 hour shift of picking, although as of late, the Romanian illegal immigrants will do it for 25 euros.

The town thrives on tourism during the summer months. The population of our town triples at this time, making it a fun and energy filled summer season with lots going on. The majority of holiday makers are Spanish.  The northern towns empty and the workers head south to the beach.  Getting a table in a restaurant, or even a parking space is nearly impossible, but this all adds to the energy of the town.

Our town still observes siesta, so for a relaxing shopping experience in the supermarkets, the best time to shop is between 2-5pm.  Most other shops and businesses close during this time as well.. We are big on our rest here.

The cost of living is not too bad compared to a lot of towns along the coast, rent varies, but you can still rent an apartment here for 350 euros a month, but the norm is between 400 and 600 per month for a year round rental.  Getting a short term rental during the summer months can run as much as 1500 euros a week on the beach, and 500 a week in the old town.

We don’t have a McDonald’s, nor a burger king, as a matter of fact, we don’t even have a burger joint. People have tried, but they just don’t work.  Take out food here is limited to roast chicken shops, pizza, Chinese and the like.  The take out places sell real food for take away, like pulpo gallego( Galician octopus) or meatballs in sauce.. this type of thing.

We have our fair share of bars, restaurants and cafes, more than our share actually, and tapas are still free with a drink.  The cost of a glass of beer in a bar averages about 1.30, coke and fanta the same. Why drink pop? Wine depending on the type is about the same as well.  Most restaurants offer a menu del dia, which consists of 3 courses and is generally quite good. The Chinese food joints can run as little as 5. euros and is pretty good.

The weather here in Salobreña is fantastic.  In the summer months it’s hot hot hot, and in the winter it is quite mild.  We get very little rain between May and October, and often, none at all.  It normally does not go below 55F during the winter months..and if it goes that low, it is unusual.

Christmas is celebrated on the 6th of January, this is when the 3 kings come and bring candy and toys to the children.  People celebrate New Years at home with friends, and then head out to the bars after midnight.  Many a tourist has had a disappointing New Years Eve due to not knowing our traditions.

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