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Which is exactly what happened to me yesterday.  There I was riding along when what did I see, but 2 camels  a Brahma and a whole slew of horses.  Unusual yes, unexplainable no.  You see the circus is in town, and now with our new permanent fair ground set up just behind the amphitheater I am sure the sights will continue to get stranger. Anyway, a couple of quick pics and then some information for a young chap that is coming to have his honeymoon in the area and is looking for things to do.  Oh I love the mail bag.

This tastes kinda green.

Brahma Bull

Brahma with La Caleta in the background.

And not once did he ask for a cigarette.

Circus ponies enjoying a day out of the compound in a field.

 Sunday in Salobreña found us with tremendous winds and high waves, a few brave souls tested the waters though.

Tempting fate

Family day at the beach

Looks like Mom is having second thoughts

Kids playing in one of the fresh water streams that empties into the Mediterranean.

In case there was any doubt in your mind that this was a red flag day.

From the mail bag.

I received an email from a chap in the Netherlands that has planned his honeymoon here in Salobreña and is looking for must see things to do in the area, outside of what Salobreña has to offer.  So here is my list.

1 The Caves at Nerja, just 40 minutes down the road, and so worth it.

2.  The Al Hambra- located in Granada, just an hour away- book your tickets now as they always sell out.

3.  Las Alpujarras- this is a mountain range quite close to Salobreña with quaint white villages to meander around in, great for walkers and only 40 minutes north. The must see towns are- Pampiniera, Bubión and Capiliera.  Also for consideration are Lanjaron, and Trevélez.  Lanjaron is not technically part of the Alpujarras but the Sierra Nevada chain of mountains, but it’s a lovely town with spas and is home to the famous Lanjaron Bottled Water.  Trevélez is the heart and home of Jamón Serrano- a must taste.

4. Nerja: for the Balcon de Europa-  Nerja is just 40 minutes away and has terrific sandy beaches, a bustling night life, and lots and lots of great shopping-The Balcon de Europa is a palm tree and garden lined promontory featuring a horse and carriage rank for rides through the town that juts out over the sea for fantastic photo ops and vistas.   Remember like most of the places here in this area, Nerja observes the siesta, so that means most things are closed between 2-5.  Restaurants and bars are the exception everywhere.

5. Almuñecar- Just 30 minutes down the road, Almuñecar has a terrific water park where you can either bring your own lunch or buy one site.  Lots of funky little souvenir shops and bars as well.  A great day out.

6.  The Nazari Gardens in Vélez de Benaudalla.

7. Sugar Cane Museum in Motril- definitely an interesting place to tour.

8. Cordoba- about 4 hours away, but so worth the journey.  This is home to the Mezquita now a Cathedral, formerly the Mosque of Cordoba, and is a World Heritage site.  Truly and awe inspiring place to visit.

9 Sevilla- about 4 hours away-  The Cathedral in Sevilla is the largest Gothic Cathedral and the third largest Church in the world- it’s nave is the longest in Spain and there are 80 chapels within.

10. Ronda- This is a fantastic place to visit, if memory serves it is about 3-4 hours away.  This is a town built on a 1000 foot gorge right in the center of town with a great bridge from which to take photos- lots of inexpensive accommodation as well as high end properties.  You can also tour one of the oldest bull rings in Spain.

11. Tánger-  How about an over night trip to Tánger.  It could not be easier. There is a bus that leaves daily from Motril at 930am that will take you direct to the Algeciras  bus station, from here you can walk  to the ferry terminal.  You can go out of  Algeciras and back into Tarifa here on the Spanish side, which I highly recommend.  The beaches in Tarifa are second to none, and there is a gorgeous little town with shopping open late until 1 or 2 in the morning, funky restaurants and excellent accommodation.  This has got to be the kite surfing capital of Europe.. Hundreds of kite flying surfers can be seen in the waters every day.  The Moorish influence is very apparent  in the town’s tiny meandering streets, arched entryways it’s all very reminiscent of a rabbit warren for its closeness.  You can also go whale watching here.

12. Guadix- Home to the cave houses.  Take a walk or drive thru the area and marvel at some of these places.  There is also a very good look out station that is handicap accessible.

Motril is located just 6 kms from Salobreña, you can either take an inexpensive taxi over to the station or catch the 8am bus out of Salobrena but doing this means a wait until 0930 for the bus to Algeciras to depart.

I hope these suggestions help!

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