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On Tuesday of this week I had the great pleasure of taking my third trip up to the Alpujarra region this year.  The weather was chilly to be sure, but the sun was shining  so the 2 hour hike that we took was really enjoyable.  After visiting the towns of Pampaneira, Bubiòn and Capileira we drove up through the forest to the furthest point that it is possible to drive and then went for our hike. When you reach the parking lot at the rangers station, you are at the starting point.  Several hiking trails start here and a map of the routes can be obtained from the ranger in the little stone hut free of charge.

There was plenty of snow on the mountains, and the small mountain streams were full and running fast.  What a joy it was just to walk around up there in the crisp clear mountain air.  The warm sun of Salobreña is always welcome, but being from Canada, sometimes I crave a good old fashion frosty day.  The Alpujarra region was just what the doctor ordered.

Park Rangers Station

Up in the clouds

Looking back at the Mediterranean Sea

As you can see, my friends were slightly ahead of me on the trail.

Finished for the year.

Wind swept.

Survival of the fittest

High grazing sheep.

I don't know why, but this was a bit disturbing. Suicidal horse?

Is he saying "Take me with you?"

Capileira on the way down

Pampaneira lies at the bottom of the Poqueira Valley at an altitude of 1050 meters, and here you have a perfect view of the 2 highest peaks in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Mount Mulhacén at 3482 meters and Mount Valeta at 3394 meters.  Both are snow-capped at the moment.  More on Pampaneira in the next post.

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As stated previously, here are some additional photos from my day trip to the Alpujarras.

Roadside Cafe on the way to Pampaneira

Homage to Don Augustus for his ceramic murals. The sign itself is an example of a ceramic mural

Missed you at the harvest- Sharon fruit or Persimmon to others.

Sick of having their photo taken.

Right this way please.

Real Donkey do. 🙂

Sentry on duty

Church Door

Pampaneira Chocolate Factory.

Road to Capileira

Out of focus mountain goats.

It says end of the road, but you can keep going.

The road to Grand Mothers house

Somebody lives here.

The road less traveled

Diana sprinting ahead

Tent Catapillar- Danger Will Robinson

Small side street in Bubión

Casa Fina- You can stay here

The type of finish on this wall is called Capa Fina- translation is Fine Layer.

And this is it for the photos on the road trip.  Remember, there are plenty of economical places to stay, just google accommodation Las Alpujarras.

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Happy New Year all, I am sorry for starting so late, but a major electrical  storm on the 22nd of December did major damage to computers all over town, our personal  internet was only just restored on the 8th of January. Ugh!

Welcome to 2011, here we go!

On the 21st of December my good friend Diana and I took a day trip up to the Alpujarras for some fabulous site seeing, it was a beautiful day and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks Di!

We visited Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira, three of the prettiest little mountain villages  in the area, to get there, just head up the Granada road and follow the signs for Orjiva and then follow the signs North East then the sign for the 3 villages, very easy to get to.  Enjoy.

In the town of Pampaneira, I am guessing that that is a beautiful climbing wisteria.

The handmade rugs of Pampaneira

Pampineira, you can tell they got a lot of rain and run off by run off canal down the center of the street.

Christmastime in Pampaneira

Bubión from a distance

Looking down on Bubion


Small street in Bubión, check out the ceilings of the under passes.

Typical chimney style special to this area.

A closer look

Someones front step.

Around every corner something interesting to see.


Wall Gardens

Peppers, Chorizo, Blood Sausage and Laundry...I like it!


Ceiling in the bar where we stopped for coffee on the way up.

Fresh mountain stream north of Capileira

Roadside lookout

Road to nowhere.


Old stone wall

Old communal laundry station with diverted fresh mountain water.

I took over 300 photos on this short day trip, so many more to show you, but enough for today. 🙂

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