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As stated previously, here are some additional photos from my day trip to the Alpujarras.

Roadside Cafe on the way to Pampaneira

Homage to Don Augustus for his ceramic murals. The sign itself is an example of a ceramic mural

Missed you at the harvest- Sharon fruit or Persimmon to others.

Sick of having their photo taken.

Right this way please.

Real Donkey do. šŸ™‚

Sentry on duty

Church Door

Pampaneira Chocolate Factory.

Road to Capileira

Out of focus mountain goats.

It says end of the road, but you can keep going.

The road to Grand Mothers house

Somebody lives here.

The road less traveled

Diana sprinting ahead

Tent Catapillar- Danger Will Robinson

Small side street in BubiĆ³n

Casa Fina- You can stay here

The type of finish on this wall is called Capa Fina- translation is Fine Layer.

And this is it for the photos on the road trip.Ā  Remember, there are plenty of economical places to stay, just google accommodation Las Alpujarras.

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