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It's right there in black and white

Cleaning the railings.

Looking up Calle Nueva

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For any of you out there are arriving soon, don’t forget to pack shorts, tee’s and sandals, the weather is glorious at the moment.  I was working up on the Monte today and took the road through La Caleta to get home as it is not the highway.   Highways are great, but when you drive a scooter, the less time you spend on them the better.  Besides, who wants to miss views like this…

Green Bean Supports, made from Cañavera

After the harvest is complete and the big bags are filled, you can help yourself.

Giant marble boulder.

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Last years Christmas Point alive and well to see another year.

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Recently we had rain for the better part of about 10 days.. it rained I would say 85 percent of the time, and it was heavy.  There has been a lot of flooding, but happily none of the houses I care for sustained any damage..yipee.  The same cannot be said for the country side.. fields are flooded, and the gray clouds still roll by, but the sun is definitely shining.  Here are some photos that I took today.  Cheers and Enjoy.

The other morning..ugh

Frontline beach

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Hello and Happy Easter one and all!!

Great news from the mail bag.  My friend James over at Lingwoods Inmobilaria sent me this fantastic photo of Salobrena from the water.. its a great pic, Enjoy!


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Yeah, more readers submissions.  Thanks to Peter and Ruth Wilkins again, for these latest submissions.  The Wilkins have come to Salobrena many times, and luckily for us, they brought their camera.  Enjoy!

Please be inspired by these shots to either come and visit us, or send along some of your own favourite snaps. Cheers

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This is just one of the many plant and flower lined streets up in the old town.  This particular street is the one that leads to the Castle entrance. This is of course looking down the street.

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This is a just a close up of some castle detail from way up high.


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