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Well as promised, here are a couple photos of the work being done up on Calle Antequera. It annoying, but they have re-routed the traffic down other streets. As I am sure anyone can appreciate, doing road works in the heat of the Spanish sun is not easy. Yesterday in the shade the air temp was 95F. So in fact, my hat goes off to these guys for getting a hard job done.

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I just received a comment from one reader regarding the amount of construction going on up in the old town at the moment. We do indeed have construction going on here at the moment and it is concentrated right up in the old town on Calle Antiquera which is one of the main roads down from the top of town. My own street, was under siege for almost 10 months, so I well know the agro involved with the streets being torn up.

What the town is doing, is laying new sewer pipes throughout the town. This involves a lot of jack hammers, digging and laying of new pipe and then new stone. Don’t even ask about the dust OY! The town is systematically going street by street and although annoying and tedious, it is very necessary. The construction mentioned in the comment, has been going on now since February.. These are huge undertakings that unfortunately take months to complete. The streets are narrow and quite steep which only adds to the already difficult task of construction in the hot sun.

I am truly sorry you had a disappointing visit. It is such a lovely town, but I think what a lot people forget, is that this is a working village, and not strictly a vacation resort. The people here need the new services being installed and are happy that the town is doing it even if it causes temporary traffic hardships. The amount of water damage that has been done to many of the homes here over the years do to cracked and rusted run off pipes is unbelievable. We look on it as a good thing in the long run as once it is complete, all will be well with the world again. If anyone is coming to Salobreña and would like to know the current construction situation at any given time, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will advise accordingly.. Similarly, if you have any other queries regarding the area, I would be most happy to answer any and all questions. Pictures later today of the construction mentioned above.

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