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Well our road trip was a success, not only did we have a good time, but we stayed in an ultra cheap hotel/hostal right next to the Mezquita for almost nothing.  A single room was 27€ taxes all in per night. I got a room with a queen size bed( super comfortable) air conditioning, and a private bathroom with tub and shower. I even got a window.  The doubles ran 45 per night per room.  Those rooms had two twin beds so  I guess I definitely won that round.  The hostal also had  3 dining areas and a bar, the food was very reasonable, and quite good.  There were traditional local dishes plus all the usual items.  Ox tail, or Rabo de Toro figures big here, every restaurant had it on their menu.

My inability to choose anything good from a menu, ever, was as usual present.  While those around me ordered stewed ox tail or gazpacho or salmorejo a thicker tastier version of gazpacho I had, are you ready… a beef patty, with two mini smoked hot dogs(blech) an egg and chips.. I thought I was actually ordering a Burger, but because I cannot comprehend the simplest menu anywhere on the planet, I did what I usually do and asked everyone else what they were having.. someone said burger with chips.. It was lunch.

Now I can speak Spanish, and I can read it, so my inability to read a menu does not stem from that, it’s just that I go into a trance when reading a menu.  I could be thinking of food all day, but the moment I pick up a menu, I am not hungry.  It’s like the very act of being able to have what you want becomes too much for my senses.  What, I am not to be denied? ..It’s too much… It’s like I don’t have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other arguing over what I should have, it’s more like I have 2 rolly polly angels saying..aaahhhh.. go on, have what you like.  Surely this isn’t right, my very being rejects it, and I order something I don’t enjoy.  I guess it’s just karma or is it karamel.

By the way, we stayed at the Hostal el Triunfo.

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On the road to Cordoba

It’s enough to make you turn around and go home. But don’t.

Hostal hunting.

Simple entryway into an apartment building.

Wall detail on the Mezquita under a blue Andalucian sky.

Wandering around the Jewish Quarter.

Waiting for Women!

Internal terrace at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

Massive marble Roman torso at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

A sale sign in one of the shops. I corrected them after the picture op.

Side street in the Jewish Quarter

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The first pic is a partial from a statue on the Roman Bridge. 2- Next is inside the Mezquita, 3- Bell tower from the church inside the Mezquita, 4-Inside the Mezquita 5-Ceiling detail inside the Mezquita, 6- One of the altars in the Mezquita.

Remains of some Roman Mosaic work in what looks like a bathing area or pool.

St James, Slayer of the Moors.  Some of his remains are reported to be entombed at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostella.  Santiago lies at the end of the Camino de Santiago- The way to St James.  An ancient pilgrimage route whos symbol is the scallop shell. If you look closely you can see one on his hat.  I have had the pleasure of doing the Camino on two occasions.

A shot taken directly under the huge incense burner in the Cathedral part of the Mezquita.

Detail from one of the shrines.

Column detail.

As always, click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

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Rooooooad Trip

Wohoo, I am going on a mini vacation tomorrow, I am off to Cordoba for 2 or 3 days. Although I love Salobrena, due to my work obligations, I have not had a vacation in 4 years.  I did go to Morocco for 2 days a couple years ago, but come on one night… This won’t be much longer, but I am going to do a full report with lots of pics.  Cordoba is only 3 hours from Salobrena so it is totally doable if you are using Salobreña as a base for your travels.  Let the fun begin!

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