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La Caleta, La Guardia, Salobreña



Just above La Caleta


Straw Flower


Straw Flower


Beautiful Wisteria

Beautiful Wisteria


One of my favorite houses along the Camino de Canal









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How can I keep these to myself.

DSCF3648 DSCF3933



























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This week I had the good fortune to join some friends at the International Club for a hike through El Torcal National Park.  What was originally described as a walk through Torcal, turned out to be a difficult and somewhat treacherous hike for some.  After all the rain that we have had, the track was quite muddy and slippery in parts, but it did not deter us, we crept onward.

El Torcal is a small mountain range lying between Malaga and Antequera, the highest point of which is 1336m.  There are 3 walking routes, the 1.5km Green which is the easiest and should take about 30 minutes, the 2.5km Yellow which travels along the green route for a good portion of the walk before veering off on its own, and finally the 4.5km Red route which takes about 3 hours.  None of these walks is really suited for anyone with any kind of mobility issues  as it is quite rocky and steps up or down can be a quite steep.  Leave the weakest behind, and save yourself.

It’s a lovely day trip from Salobreña, with a follow-up trip to Antequera or the Wolf Park.

Photos from El Torcal

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To say we are having some rain in this area  is a vast understatement, believe me.  Day after day, night after night with only the odd day where for a few hours we are without rain.  I thought I would share some of our darker moments with you. 🙂  I must say, on this walk around the town I found areas that even after 12 years here I have never seen before.

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Just an open field below  Salobreña on the road to La Caleta.  Each year at this time the Pampas Grass flowers and can be seen  in nearly every open field in the area.  Colours vary from plant to plant, some are snow white, whilst others display beautiful shades of pink, purple and gold.

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Yesterday was a stellar day  here on the coast.  The high winds have stopped, the temperatures have risen and Spring is officially over in this part of the world.  There were even people swimming, and lots of them.


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One of my favorite people in all of Salobreña is currently bedridden with a nasty bit of back trouble. With this in mind, I offered to pillage cuttings, I mean water her plants for her until she is up and about again.  So beautiful and varied are the plants on her roof terrace, that I just had to share.  Enjoy!



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Lots going on with Christmas coming, so be sure and check the “What’s Happening” section in the side bar.  This week it’s movies in the Auditorium.


Thursday December 8:  La Voz Dormida- Showings at 7pm and 9:15pm

Sunday December 11:  Happy Feet 2 One showing only 6pm

Sunday December 11:  Amanecer Part 1 , Twilight for the English language crowd.   One showing only 8pm

Entrance fee to all films is just 5 euros.  A great night out for all!




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I received an email from a Mr Gerry Collins, a fellow bird watcher, and he has sent some really good photos of some of the birds that he  spotted recently at the sanctuary in Playa Poiniente in Motril… If you have not taken the time to visit, then I really recommend it.  Even if  all you want to do is go for a nice walk, this place is perfect for you.  The paths are nice and level, and it’s lovely and quiet.  WC’s are open to the public as well. Thanks Gerry!

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Okay everyone, this is another reminder that the annual “Paws for Thought” dinner is being held on the 11th of December at the Asador Restaurant located directly across from Super Sol on Avenida de Mediterráneo.

All profits are used for animal welfare.

More than 100 cats and dogs have been neutered or spayed since the start up and that is not all!  Monies are also spent on additional surgeries to restore sight, cure infections and much more.

Re-homing these animals is also high on the list of priority, and so far, they are doing fantastically well at this as well.  Great Work Ladies, and  see you on the 11th.

Reservations are required, so please contact Joanne James at 628 548 895 to book your seat.  Remember, last year this event sold out with everyone having had a wonderful time.  The cost of the ticket includes one raffle ticket for your chance to win one of the many fabulous prizes, additional tickets can be purchased on the night.  More than 50 tickets have already been sold already, so don’t miss your opportunity to get yours!

Please come out and support the fine work being done by Joanne and her team of Pussy Cat Angels.  Remember you can also stop by their little makeshift shop set up next to the post office each Monday between 10-1pm each week. All purchases are by donation only.  You decide what you can afford! Look for the  “Arnolds Removal”  sign next to the psot office.  Arnold generously donates this space to the Charity, so keep him in mind if you need something moved, he is a reliable chap and works fast and inexpensively!


I took a little drive into the countryside ( el campo) yesterday to take some photos for the blog.. I hope you enjoy.

Clever crop irrigation to newly planted trees. Remind you of anything?

Could these just be ornate ancient irrigation pathways? It's a more reasonable explanation.

Top of the giant rock outcrop on the north side of the highway


Ruin with a view

Rear Window

From the kitchen.

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