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Don Antonio

It is with heavy heart that I pass on this sad news,  Antonio of Bar Pesetas has left us.

Seldom a day would go by when I wouldn’t see Don Antonio, either driving through the old town or him standing just inside the door of his beloved Peseta Bar.  I remember him best for his warm smile, that twinkle in his eyes and those arms of steel that would gather you up and and squeeze the life back into you.  If you were going for a drink or a meal in the old town, you were going to Bar Peseta.  And not just for the food either, but for the way the Don Antonio made you feel, he simply made you feel welcome.  He was a kind and generous man who  cannot be replaced.

Descanse en Paz Don Antonio.


If anyone has any photos of Don Antonio, I would be very pleased to receive a copy.

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