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Great news, Heloise has advised in a comment on one of posts that the parking issue has been put on the back burners..here is her comment for those interested.

We have just heard that the council have put this made scheme on the back burner for the moment as the Association of Neighbours in the old town have suddenly cottoned on to what this could mean to them.  There will be a discussion period and the council hopes to implement new restrictions in June.  This doesn’t mean you should ignore signing the parking petition … you can find the link on this page.


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This is for Angela who is arriving in August for 2 weeks. Definitely rent a car.. there is just so much to see and do in the area. One word of advice though. Get the smallest car you can deal with.. Resist the upgrade to the larger car, as the larger the car the harder the driving in the old town will be. Also, take out the MAXIMUM insurance.. Bumps and scrapes WILL occur.. the streets are incredibly narrow, and everyone here is basically a bad driver..lol. Don’t be frightened, be prepared. A good company to deal with is Crown Car.. they have a car depot in Almuñecar that is just 20min down the road, so should you need to return the car and get another or just get another, you will not have to go all the way back to the airport. I have people in a house right now, that have a car with clutch problems( this is common, so if when you pick up the car, the clutch does not seem right, take it back there and then) it’s a camel ride in the heat from Malaga airport, and weekend traffic can be quite heavy. If you are a golfer, and you don’t want to carry your clubs due to the expense, you can rent a car and clubs all in one go.. Look to the right of this post in the blog roll, and you will see listings for Must see places, restaurants in Salobrena, and the markets listed. I wonder if I know your cousin??

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I snapped these 2 pics early yesterday morning on my way to work. Who knows what the story is, but I can tell you, that if you continue on down the road, you will come to the golf area and just beyond that, is the land of discos and late night beach bars… so maybe intoxication is to blame.. This poor chappy has landed himself into the canal that runs either side of road.

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When I came across this bit of creative driving.

There is a bit of a steep hill on a turn that led to this.. Our driver was going too fast and hit the steps and, well you can see.. this is exactly how they do those spectacular car flips in the movies.. well almost, they use a small ramp. You accelerate as two wheels go over the ramp and voila you are over. Notice the left front wheel is actually resting on the wall of the house.

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