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And what a Sunday it was as far as the weather was concerned but, beauty abounds regardless.

How the day began

An hour later

In living color

High winds bring in the high rollers

That’s La Caleta for ya.

I don’t want to tell you what it looked like they were pulling out of the water.

This is all the same day


Gimme Shelter

Nothing like a guy with a trumpet on the beach.

Wait up guys!

An hour or two later


And yet the sun still shines

Curtain of rain.

Sunset coming on

Back down to the beach for the big finale.

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Well we finally got some rain, not a lot, but enough to conjure up some great sky, and although colder than normal, the sun was shining and things got very bright just before sunset.  Remember to click the images to get the fuller sized versions.

From the Peñon

Panoramic from the peñon

It was cold up there on the rock

Looking on the bright side

Bring out your red.

Quasimoto roving reporter

Looking east.

Beachfront chozas

Looking west

The beach at Peñon.

A really big scary looking cloud.


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One of the smaller decorated wagons that carried small children to the beach.

The cutely decorated trailers are normally used for hauling fruit from the fields to the co-ops.

Inside one of the largers wagons. Now parked, it will be used for food prep for all of the people that worked on it.

From the outside.

More beautiful dresses.

With her Grandmother.

Pretty Señorita.

Polka dots and eyelet never looked so good!

In living color.

Making memories.

Horse lovers.

Following the Virgin to the beach.

More photos tomorrow.

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As promised, here is the calendar of events scheduled for this weekend.  There is a lot going on, so be sure and get a program if possible from the tourist office located in the Plaza de Goya.

Please note that between the hours of 11am and 1pm, the local bus will be FREE on Friday Oct 7th.  Departing from Plaza Goya going up, and  El Postigo coming down.

Friday Oct 7 11:0o:

Procession through the streets by the Municipal Band.  Departing Plaza del Antiguo Ayuntamiento and passing through the following streets.  Calle Boveda, Calle Estacion, Calle Gloria, Plaza de Pescado, Calle Muralla, Calle Real and then back to the Museum Square.

Friday Oct 7 12:00:

Solemn Eucharist in honor of Rosario up in the old church. Mass will be followed by a concert performed by the Municipal Music School.  The will be presenting An Evening of Pasadoble.

Friday Oct 7 20:30:

A Procession in honor of  Rosario makes its way through the following streets:

Exit the Church in the old town, through Calle Boveda, Calle Estación, Calle Gloria, Plaza de Pescado, Calle Muralla, Calle Real, Museum Plaza and back to the Church.

Friday Oct 7 22:00:

In the Paseo de Flores, a concert featuring popular folk songs, performed by  Barrabás Orchestra.

Saturday Oct 8  12:00:

A children’s play fair with bouncy castle will be held in the beautiful new Plaza del Museo.

Please note, the local bus will be FREE during the hours of  5pm-11pm with departures from  Plaza de Goya and returns from El Postigo.

Saturday Oct 8 17:30:

Homage to the Third Age:  This will be held at the Plaza outside the church in the old town.

A picnic for seniors with dancing and music.

Saturday Oct 8 19:30:

Participants in the 17th Annual Musical Homage to Enrique Pareja Bosch will pass through the following streets:

Starting point the Casa de Cultura, Carretera de la Playa, Fabrica Nueva and Plaza Pontanilla.

Saturday Oct 8th 21:00: 

In the Plaza del Antiguo Ayuntamiento the participants of the 17th annual Homage to Enrique Pareja Bosch will again perform.

In case of bad weather, the concert will be moved to the Auditorium in Plaza Juan Carlos I next to the new city hall.

Saturday Oct 8 22:30:

It’ s concert time again but this time at the Paseo de Flores with the Gala “Mírame Salobreña” featuring, Kañasur, Fernando Caro, Cherezade, Kiko Gaviño, Radio Macandé, El Caña.

Ticket price is 10 euros in advance, 13 euros at the door. You may purchase tickets at the following locations:

Tourist Office, Casa de Cultura, and at the Museum, doors open at 10pm

Sunday Oct 9 07:00-10:00am

The day starts early, with the annual fishing derby at the beach by the Peñon right down to La Guardia starting at 07:00. Entry fee is 12euros. To enter, you must deposit your 12euros into the Bank Machine at La Caixa in acct 2100 4756 20 0200070122  Bring along your receipt.

There will be plenty of prizes and at the very least, a great morning of fishing.

Sunday Oct 9 11:00am

Let the party begin!

All of the activities will be taking place at the beach in front of the Peñon.  The procession starts at the Plaza Juan Carlos I and travels down through the town to the beach arriving about 12ish at the Peñon.  Our Patron Saint will be delivered via 2 great oxen and will be accompanied by bands, horses, decorated carriages, people in traditional costume and much more. It will be a great day so bring your camera and don’t forget to pack a lunch and set up on the beach along with everyone else!

Sunday Oct 9 12:30 :

There will be a short mass followed by a musical tribute.

Sunday Oct 9 17:00:

A concert of popular folk songs with Pamela Molina, Lydia Maria González Villar.

Sunday Oct 9 18:30:

Final judging of the decorated wagons and carts

Sunday Oct 9 18:45:

Actuación de Rocio Martín.  I think this is a fashion show featuring Flamenco Dresses.  I can’t wait to find out how wrong I am..lol.

Sunday Oct 9 20:00:

The Virgin Rosario is returned to her vault for safe keeping accompanied by the ladies choral group “Mujeres Mudesa of Salobreña” and a large fireworks display.

The procession starts at 11 in the town and arrives at the beach at about 12.  It will be a slow build up, but by the afternoon it will be humming, hundreds will quickly turn to thousands.  Most of the locals will set up dining tents, a few cash bars will be set up, the disco will  open for the youth. It’s an oven.

Where ever a decorated wagon is parked, there will be a huge party going on.  Private dining areas are set up all over the beach, there will be horses and noise and food, food, food, and a healthy amount of alcohol.

Previous year photos.

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Happy Mothers Day to all that are celebrating today!

I took a trip down to the goat paddock just behind the rock this week and got some nice photos of the girls just hanging out.

Pick Me

Exotic Creature

Ready for my close up Mr DeMille

Long Shot

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day girls

Mother's Milk keeping cool awaiting pickup

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It was a beautiful blustery day here in Salobreña, many took advantage of the lovely weather to take a walk along the beach or catch some rays.  This weekend also saw the annual fishing derby take place.

This reminds me of a glass copy of a wave.

Along the beach looking towards La Caleta

The Peñon restaurant closed for the season and under renovation.

Aaaah togetherness.

Catching some rays and reading the paper in the shelter of the Peñon.

Enjoying the sand and sea.

Beach BBQ

Fishermen competing for the biggest catch.

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Multiple blooms.

All the beautiful people come to Salobreña.

These rocks are just below El Peñon

African Beach Vendor

All Packed Up.. Looking west towards La Caleta

Brr the beach on a windy day

La Bahia Restaurant

In my rearview mirror.

In my rearview mirror

Salobreña or Hawaii?

Its prickly pear time again.. so delicious.

Cattle egret taking a break from the farmers fields

Looking back at Salobreña from the campo.

Prickly pear under a blue Andalucian sky.

Remember, to see these photos at their best please click. They become larger and clearer.

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