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Happy New Year everyone, and what a lovely new year it has been so far.  The weather is great, and did you realize that we did not get a single drop of rain in December?  This has to be a first in a long while.  Weather conditions like that are perfect for the succulents in the area, all of which seem to blooming at the moment.  From mighty orange spikes lighting up hillsides to tiny delicate pale yellow and blush toned blossoms in my window box, nature is giving us her best.  If you love to garden, then this is the place to be.  I have been scooting around on the scat mobile taking photos of any and everything in bloom at the moment.  How lucky am I?  A little something for the gardeners out there, enjoy.

If you look closely at this blossom spike, you can see droplets of the sweetest nectar imaginable. The bees are on to something!

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Hard at work

On the rocks

The key to survival, is putting yourself out there.

Attention seeker.

Just getting started.

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