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Every year I look forward to June 23rd, it’s the night that everyone goes to the beach for the fires and a midnight swim.  The restuarants are full to capacity and beach fires are everywhere.  It is in fact the only night of the year that you are permitted to either sleep on the beach or have a fire there.  Lots do both, while others just come to enjoy the efforts of so many.

The town hall  also builds and oversees a huge bon fire that has  only in recent years been attended to by the fire department.  For many years this was not the case, it was not that long ago that we were left to our own devices and we were responsible for ourselves…  aahhh The dumbing down has begun.

Having said that though, the presence of the fire department does not detract from the festivities, for most newbies to the event, it gives some level of comfort I guess, just knowing that we can be reckless if we want and someone will be there to pick up the pieces.  Isn’t that what has happened everywhere else in the west.  If you are dumb enough to walk up to a fire that is blazing at about 10 thousand degrees, shouldn’t there be consequences? Survival of the fittest no?

Before the main fire is lit, there is a procession of some kind, every year is different, this year saw performers on pogolegs shooting fireworks all over the place, these allow performers to leap extremely high and the effect of this with the fireworks was really quite something.

Anyway..it was a great night, and I managed to take lots of pics to share, so here goes.

Everything is Pink

Lighting the fire

On its way

Fully engulfed.

Some of the crowd

one of the many bars set up for the evening

Not your average Candy Apple

Reflection of the fire in the sand.

for the kidlets


At the entrance into Salobreña, this was put up for the fiesta

Dats me in da middle with friends Denise and Jim

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Okay, besides the Flemenco Festivities, coming up we have the following things to do.

1. Photo exhibition on the main road at the beach on the Paseo Maritimo. This is the front line road the runs parallel to the beach. From the 16th-31st of August an exhibition called Fotos de Familia or Family Photos will be on display. These will be old photos of the town and surrounding area, which I think will be a very interesting thing to see. I will check it out and take some photos myself and report back. This is a Free one folks.

2. 21Aug is a show for children at the amphitheater located near Fuentes Park on the main road to the beach. Program starts 10pm. Entrance is Free.

3. 22Aug A concert by the local band school. Don’t snuff, these guys are very good. I know because I live right about the amphitheater. Show starts at 10pm and entrance is Free.

4. 24 Aug. A Blues night in La Caleta. Walking distance from Salobrena, this concert is held every year, and every year it’s great. It starts at 1030pm, entrance is Free and it located on the plaza located right by the ocean. Plaza de Lavadero. Performing is Fernando Beiztegui Blues band.

5. 26Aug Another Free concert in the amphitheater, in Salobrena, this time viola and piano. Performing are Sebastián Peszko and Irene Domingo Castaño. Concert starts at 930pm and entrance is free.

6. 27 Aug. Piano Concert in the Amphitheater starting 930pm, Free entrance. Performing is Alejandro Vaquero.

7 28Aug. At our Auditorium in town, a piano and guitar concert by Karim Adghal Tamayo and Irene Domingo Castaño. Entrance is Free and starts at 930pm

8. 30Aug. Crowning of Miss and Master Salobrena both infantile(6-8yr olds) and juvenile(16-21yr olds). We are electing the kings and queens of the Rosario festival 2008.

9. Last but not least the Creative Arts School is hosting an exhibition all of August.

Artists are Julia Sanchez-Montes, Guadalupe Peñafiel,Jelu Sanchez, Pilar Criado, Lara Ischenko, Nazareno Tisi, Jesus Fernandez, Enrico Pitoni,Jorge Lupion and Manuel Barros.

Hours are Mon-Sat 10am-1300 and 1800-2100 Entrance is free. From September onward, Manuel Barros will have a permanent exhibit there.

So don’t tell me you have nothing to do. There is plenty, and most of it is free..so take advantage while you are here and see something. The more support we give it, the more it drives the powers that be to produce more activities.

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