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Well the Fiesta de San Juan got off to a wet and wild  start Saturday afternoon on the beach with all the kid’s activities going on.  The highlight without question was a bubble cannon which shot soap suds into the air onto the children in wait.  At first I didn’t know what was going on as it had not started, I had no idea what was about to happen, but with that many kids standing around  I knew it had to be something  big.  I turned my camera to video, and within seconds the fun began.  I made a short video, and then waded into the melee to take some stills.   Here are the results.  I will be posting photos from the evenings activities in a post to follow.  Enjoy!


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It’s all starting to gear up for the up and coming San Juan festival on the 23rd of this month, the carny people have drawn their lines in the sand, and have  started erecting the rides and ticket booths that will be in action starting on the 21st, in behind Fuente Park.

For those of you not familiar with the San Juan festival,  the big party kicks off on the beach on the night of the 23rd with the lighting of the giant bonfire  for the summer solstice named in honor of  Saint John the Baptist  A religious gathering it is not though, as  each year thousands gather on the beach for drinks, music, fun and fireworks.  It is also the only night of the year that we are allowed a fire of our own or to sleep on the beach.

San Juan is about change, about night into day, about fire and water. Fire purifies and water revitalizes.   June 24th is the shortest night of the year, so bonfires are the theme.  According to tradition, if you jump over a bonfire 3 times on this night, you will be cleansed, purified, and your worries burned away.  Many people write down their worries onto a piece of paper and chuck it into the big fire.

Here are a couple of pics from years past, but you can also see more by clicking on the archives and looking for the June dates for the last 4 years.

We are talking big!

Fiesta de San Juan 2008 The cat, the rooster and the dancing lady.

Fiesta de San Juan 2009

San Juan 2010

San Juan 2011 The Griffin

Just to give you an idea of size, getting any closer than this was impossible due to the extreme heat.

While we are on the topic of water and fire, Friday of this week saw the Salobreña fire department visiting the elementary school here in town for some fun with water to beat the heat.

There were 8 pools in total set up for the kiddies.

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