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This past Sunday during an exceptionally busy afternoon at the Restaurant El Asador a fire broke out in one of the kitchen extractor fans.  With all of the wood in the restaurant the fire spread quickly and resulted in completely gutting the restaurant.  Several apartments above the restaurant had to be evacuated with one family having to spend the night in a local hotel.  Thankfully only two persons were injured.

It’s such a shame, because it had just undergone extensive renovations, the food was good and the tapas excellent.  It was my go to winter bar when friends were in town, such a shame.  Let’s hope it’s up and running in no time.

DSCF9563  DSCF9565 DSCF9567

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Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, big fluffy white clouds but then in the afternoon, Holy Black Smoke Batman!

We had  a fire yesterday behind the big fruit packing plant in the industrial park behind the bp station.  I spotted these lenticular clouds while on my way back from Motril, I wasn’t home long when the smoke from the big fire was spotted over our place.  It looked very close, and after verifying that none of my friends houses were on fire, I headed over to get some shots and take a video. OOOhhh it was an exciting day!


Lovely cumulous clouds over the Monte

Fluffy White Stuff

Lenticular Clouds


The same lenticular clouds a couple of hours later just over the fire


View from El Postigo, the entrance to the paseo de flores.

Black and White, and lots of it

Where there is smoke.

Finally, the white smoke of dousing

I took a lot of pictures, I have to use them.

Under the volcano

I decided to get closer.

Not even for you guys

Our heros siphoning water from the mains

Getting in close to the action

And day turns to night

and they just kept on going

A view from the other side, almost out

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