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In case you are planning your vacation for some time in June, I would like to suggest, that you plan your holidays to be here in Salobrena for the 23rd of June.  This is the date of the annual Fiesta de San Juan. This is a magical night complete with live music and bonfires.  It is in fact the only night of the year when you can have a bonfire on the beach, and hundreds do.  The town hall  itself  builds a bonfire that blazes 5 stories high for all to enjoy on the beach.  It is an awesome night where thousands partake in the festivities.  Bars and Restaurants will be  heaving, and many will  stay open all night.  It is also the only night of the year that you can actually sleep on the beach.  To see some photos from last years celebrations, please refer to the pages in June 2007 located to the right of this post… there are many photos to view.  If you are planning a trip, try and be here then!

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