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We all know how beautiful the weather here in Salobrena is year round, even when it’s cold it isn’t really  cold or grey.  I bought this plant in February at the car boot sale and stuck it in my window where it has done brilliantly.  Here is the
February photo and yesterdays photo for comparison.  Salobreña has a micro climate all it’s own. If it says rain in Almuñecar, or Nerja or Malaga, the weather here will probably be sunny and warm.  Almuñecar had a terrific storm in September 2007, whole streets were submerged, and cars washed away, we had blue skies.  Go figure.

Feb 2010


Oct 2010

Oct 2010

Does anyone know what these are called? Please leave a comment with the name if you do please. Thanks!

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