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Just a guy taking his pet parrot for a bicycle ride.

Cross section of a palm, each of those elliptical objects is a long dead leaf stem.

Fan palm nuts

Competitors in the Best Singing Canary Competition with their birds

A handler installing his canary to be judged.

Singing like a canary

Two of four judges.

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Home with the shopping-La Caleta


Marina del Este

On the water, at last.



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Here is another lovely photo sent in by Heloise over at Costa Tropical Rentals Spain..if you are interested in a property in the area, she is listed in my blog roll.  Enjoy.. and thanks again Heloise!


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Just another one of the little hidden gems to be found in Salobreña.  This flowered pathway serves as an entry point to 3 or 4 houses.  Back in 2005, it won first prize in a beautify your facáde competion.

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click to see larger version
clic for larger version

For some reason, these pictures appear more in focus once you click on them to see actual size.

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I went out this morning at 7am to take photographs in and around La Caleta, and boy did I get lucky!

Are these gorgeous or what? Click to see full size of this

Are these gorgeous or what? Click to see full size of these babies

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While driving to work this morning down in the Motril Golf region, I passed this balcony, and I just had to take a picture. It’s simple, but oh so pretty.

Where for art thou?

Where for art thou?

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