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You would not think that these two things could possibly be linked, but in my wonderful little life, they most certainly are.

So I had the great idea to clean my keyboard, I have done it many times before, but not for years, and not here in Spain to be honest. In the old days, you could just whip the cover off, and with a q-tip and some 96% alcohol, clean away the dirt and grime and cat hair from around the individual keys. We have 5 cats.

So I got out my trusty miniature screwdriver and set to work. I removed all of the screws without incident(I am handy) and attempted to separate the two pieces.  Not happening.  When I tried to pry the pieces apart, out tumbled about 20 little pieces of rubber, turns out they are the key, to keyboard suspension. You can’t drive one without them.  Looking at this I thought “forget this, how expensive can a new keyboard be”.  I like to be as practical and handy as much as the next gal, but spending 4hours putting all this back together again, if in fact I could, was not what I had envisioned for the rest of my day.  Besides, I had Tetris Battles at 3pm to win so,  Roadddddddddddd Trip. I got myself together and headed to  Al Campo, the shopping oasis and  shining star to the east of Salobreña.  You name it, you can get it here.

First let me say, that I am not a great shopper, I go in, get what I need and leave.  I am not a browser, I don’t go shopping when I am bored, I don’t care what is on sale, I don’t click on ads, I am the worlds worst consumer.  I also buy 99% of my clothes at second hand shops. One of my ploys to keep me out of the shops is dressing so badly that my friends buy me clothes for Christmas and birthdays.  It actually works out quite well.

So I took myself to Al Campo to get a shiny new keyboard.  Five euros ninety nine,  that is what a new keyboard cost. Is that fantastic or what. How can they even make them and ship them for that?

Whilst there I also decided to pick up some cat food and meat.  Did I mention we have 5 cats.  Anyway, on my way to the fresh meat department I came across a site so startling, so stupefying  that I just had to take some photos.  Now I have been to Al Campo at least 50 times over the last 12 years, but I don’t ever remember seeing this, it was astounding.  Pork, pork and more pork. I have never seen such a selection of dried sausage, chorizo, salami, jamón and all the other variations that met me on this day.  Unfortunately I did not get to take any pictures of the hanging jamóns,  security was a bit nervous of the woman taking close up photos in the meat department. But here is what I managed to snap.


These are usually cooked in soups or stews.


Stuffed with egg and pork


Morcilla, we know it as blood sausage

Morcilla and chorizo

Spicy hot chorizo.

Chorizo extra, I am not really sure what the extra is

Now that is progress, chorizo in intestines, in plastic.

Wall of deliciousness

Across the aisle

In case you don't own a knife.


Don’t forget to click on the photos.


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Another great photo to make me home sick.. Heloise from Costa Tropical Rentals Spain is keeping me afloat with lots of great photos, which I have been posting regularly.. A big Thank You to Heloise for this!  For anyone that has spent anytime in Spain, this will be a very familiar and welcome sight.


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There is nothing like a steaming hot plate of fresh fish, and if fresh fish is your thing, then Salobrena is for you.  There are several places to buy fresh fish, but if you want to experience the Old Way, take a trip on down to the municipal market, and pick yourself out a good one.. Don’t speak Spanish? No problem, just point and smile.

This is another photo submitted by our friends at Costa Tropical Rentals.. she is doing her best to help me out while I am away and unable to take photos for myself.  Thanks H


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If this doesn’t make you want to jump on a plane and come right down for something to eat, nothing will.  This is another great shot sent in by Heloise from Costa Tropical Rentals, you can see her in my blog roll there to the right..

This was taken at a restaurant called Roberto’s over in the Golf area in Motril.. I have eaten there several times, and the food is always excellent, and the prices are very reasonable.  You will never have a bad meal at this place.


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Well our road trip was a success, not only did we have a good time, but we stayed in an ultra cheap hotel/hostal right next to the Mezquita for almost nothing.  A single room was 27€ taxes all in per night. I got a room with a queen size bed( super comfortable) air conditioning, and a private bathroom with tub and shower. I even got a window.  The doubles ran 45 per night per room.  Those rooms had two twin beds so  I guess I definitely won that round.  The hostal also had  3 dining areas and a bar, the food was very reasonable, and quite good.  There were traditional local dishes plus all the usual items.  Ox tail, or Rabo de Toro figures big here, every restaurant had it on their menu.

My inability to choose anything good from a menu, ever, was as usual present.  While those around me ordered stewed ox tail or gazpacho or salmorejo a thicker tastier version of gazpacho I had, are you ready… a beef patty, with two mini smoked hot dogs(blech) an egg and chips.. I thought I was actually ordering a Burger, but because I cannot comprehend the simplest menu anywhere on the planet, I did what I usually do and asked everyone else what they were having.. someone said burger with chips.. It was lunch.

Now I can speak Spanish, and I can read it, so my inability to read a menu does not stem from that, it’s just that I go into a trance when reading a menu.  I could be thinking of food all day, but the moment I pick up a menu, I am not hungry.  It’s like the very act of being able to have what you want becomes too much for my senses.  What, I am not to be denied? ..It’s too much… It’s like I don’t have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other arguing over what I should have, it’s more like I have 2 rolly polly angels saying..aaahhhh.. go on, have what you like.  Surely this isn’t right, my very being rejects it, and I order something I don’t enjoy.  I guess it’s just karma or is it karamel.

By the way, we stayed at the Hostal el Triunfo.

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Today’s dining experience was at Tito Yayo on Playa de Cabria.  Playa de Cabria is about 15 minutes from Salobreña heading towards Almuñecar.  You have to travel down a dirt and gravel track to get here, but it is pretty much worth it. 

What we had:

3 beers each- 6 in total 1.80 each

1 starter of Puntillas which are deep fried baby squid. 8.95€

and as a main course we each had Spaghetti Carbonara. 6.95 each

1 roll each- .60 cents each

Total for our lunch was 34.85.

How was it.. neh.. it was okay.. there was way to much sauce on the spag, too much cream.  The puntillas were great, but you can’t mess these babies up. The setting is fantastic, as you are just a stones throw from the water..The service was very good, very attentive.  Would we go back..yes but I would stick with the seafood at the place..it really is their specialty.  The table next to us was doing fish, and they had such a fantastic prawn and crab platter that I had to take a photo.

They have both indoor and outdoor dining, a well stocked bar, and great views.  There are 3 restuarants on this tiny stretch of beach, and all of them seemed to be getting busy as we were leaving.

Here are some snaps.

What I wished I'd had

What I wish I had

The bar

The bar

Indoor dining area

Indoor dining area

Indoor dining

Indoor dining

outdoor dining area

outdoor dining

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A travelers advisory.

This post doesn’t really apply to restaurants in Salobreña so much as it does all restaurants and street food vendors in general around the world. Many people suffer with an inevitable bout the Leon Trotski’s while eating abroad, but is it inevitable or is it entirely preventable?

One of the most abundant foods that you will come across just about anywhere is rice, it’s cheap, easily stored and a staple in most 3rd world countries. Rice is also one of the most potentially dangerous too, as each grain of rice carries a bacterial strain called Bascillus Cereus which survives cooking. If the rice once cooked, is not cooled quickly and refrigerated, the bacteria multiply rapidly and then become a problem causing anything from mild to severe cramping, vomiting and diarrhea.

Rice that has been cooked, allowed to cool at room temperature, refrigerated and then reheated is just as dangerous, as cooking does NOT kill the bacteria. So for all you travelers out there be wary of the mighty grain of rice. For more information, check this link.


Cheers and Happy Traveling and Dining.

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Mmmmm breadfruit

bread fruit

It was a rare day indeed today.  While poking around the garden, I found this laying on the ground.  This and another one like it fell from a giant swiss cheese plant.  Wow what a fruit.  It probably doesn’t look that impressive, but it’s about 11inches long, and the flavour of this little beauty is like the cross between a pineapple and a kiwi drenched in honey.. Wow talk about a sweet delicious treat.  A friend of mine had one on one of her plants last year, and neither of us knew what it was.  After finding it on my plant, I did a google on swiss cheese plants. What a booty this is!

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La Cumbre is a local Restaurant with several large Banquet halls on the premises that can cater to small intimate affairs, or huge weddings and Christenings. The place is located up behind Salobrena in the countryside out near Molvizar.

My overall opinion of the place was eh.. I can take it or leave it.   For 4 people lunch came to 87 euros, and our lunch consisted of 1 main course each, 1 large salad to share, 4 beers 3 coffees and a bottle of El Coto red. Two of us had rabbit and the others had suckling pig.

The service was very good, the staff very friendly, and they even give the traditional complimentary chupito after the meal. In this case it was honey rum from the Canary Islands. They also gave us pate and toast with our beer while we sat and chatted prior to the meal.

Those of us dining on rabbit each received a full-half of one rabbit, (as seen in the photo), while the others received about 1/4 of a pig. In each case it was more meat than any of us could eat. Both the pork and rabbit were accompanied by not so warm potatoes and the green beans.

I am completely willing to entertain the idea that the kitchen was just having an off day, and I will probably go back again, the fact that it is so very popular with the Spanish means something.  I might even just go back and hang out in the bar downstairs and snack on tapas and sip cold beer in the afternoon sun.  The location is great, and it definitely has a very nice feel to the place. For me, if the staff is friendly I will generally go back to a place. So I will keep you posted..

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The Market in Tanger



Recently 4 of us slipped down to Morocco for the weekend to enjoy a girls get-away, and we had a great time.  Here are two of the pics I took in the sook.

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