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Just a reminder to everyone, Tonight the Cultures 3 Music Festival starts in Frigliana.  All concerts start at 11pm, so no excuses… Unless of course like me, 11pm is wayyyy past your bedtime.

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I have been remiss in my duties as of late. Actually, I have just been sick, it was either a bad chicken wing, or a bad reaction to antibiotics. I started taking them the day I had the chicken wing, so it’s all a mystery, I’m going back on them today so we shall see.  I was on them in the first place because I started growing a mini me on my shoulder. It could be my conscience manifesting itself, but the Dr says it’s more like a fatty cyst. It appears I have my own personal grease trap the size of a baseball. But enough about Me and MIni Me, here are some shots from around town.

Just a quick note for our friends down Frigliana way, which is just down the coast by the way and another very pretty little white washed village well worth the trip. Frigliana is hosting the 3rd annual 3Cultures Festival. There will be music presented on the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. As well, there will be Movies, Workshops, Artists, a street party, a 3 cultures street market, a Tapa Route, Conferences, and Exhibitions, and a Gastronomy Day, where you can try the foods from the 3 different cultures represented.

On the 28th at 11pm the wonderful Concha Buika will perform. Concha is from Mallorca, but her family is from Equatorial Guinea. She mixes funk, jazz flamenco and soul to create a unique sound. You can check her out on YouTube if you want to see what you will be missing. Here is one clip.

On the 29th at 11pm the world reknown Eliseo Parra will be performing his brand of Spanish Folk Music. He sings in Catalan, Basque, Castilian, and Galician. You can check him out on YouTube as well.. here is one clip

On the 30th, The Dhoad Gitanos of Rajastan will be performing at 11pm. The DGofRajastan hail from Indian province of Rajasthan, what many consider to be the original land of gypsies. Dhoad Gypsies wandered throughout the wild and wonderful Thar desert traveling from town to town entertaining Princes and their courtiers. You can check them out on YouTube.

On the 31st is the musical group called Klezmatica, I found their name on the web with the subtitle, the Jewish music of Eastern Europe, so should be pretty interesting.. You can find them on YouTube as well, but he quality of the recording is frustrating as it keeps stopping and starting.. You can try it here or you can go to this page and listen to them directly from the source. It is http://web2.nessmp3.com/bands/808/index.php

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