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It was such a lovely day today that I took myself over to La Charca de Suarez in Motril this morning.   The drive through the back roads was relaxing and full of  nice surprises and some good photo ops.  For those interested in visiting La Charca, the visiting hours have changed.  The schedule is now as follows.

Monday through Friday 18:30 pm – At 18:30 a Spanish speaking guide will take visitors through the park.  You can opt out of the group and go counter clockwise through it, but you must be sure to be at the gate at the closing hour.  It’s best to check with the guide to ensure you get the right information.  This is what I did.

Saturdays and Sundays, there will be 3 guided visits- 10:00, 11:30, and 18:30.

Here are a few of the things I was fortunate enough to find on my walk today.

Wild Poppy

Wild Rose

Miniature white rose

Cheerful little trumpet

Turtle sunning in the reeds

I'm no expert, but judging by the large numbers of frogs that I encountered today, it's got to be frog breeding time.

You can hop, but you cannot hide.

Wild Iris

I did see lots of birds, but the frogs and turtles were everywhere, hard to ignore.

Some of the lovely marsh grasses you will encounter.

Look out behind you.

Soaking up the rays


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Can you believe this photo, I was minding the mint yesterday, when what should catch my eye but this little chappy. I thought at first what I was seeing in the crack was a large bug, but 2 seconds later this little one popped out.. I didn’t even see it’s mate when I was taking the first couple of photos, even though as it turns out, he was in the photo as well, It was only when I got home and took a look at the pics that I saw him. I think it was the female in the crevice, and that he was trying to divert my attention, as he hopped off into the mint.. I was lucky to catch a couple of photos of him sitting on a mint stem and leaf. They were so incredibly small.. no bigger than a couple of centimeters. Aren’t they cute!

Look closely, there are two frogs in this photo

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