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Well another Romería has come and gone, and what a great day it was.  It was a little different this year in that it was held on a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday, and because of this  it had a slow start, but by later in the day it was in full swing.

Another change to the Romería the last 3 years has been the absence of horses on the beach.  Because of safety issues with the crowds, the horses are now only permitted in the fair grounds in behind La Bahia.  My preference  would be to see them brought back into the thick of things again, it’s just not the same atmosphere without them.  I spoke to many people about this, and they all said the same thing. Come on Mr Mayor we want our horses back!

If you have never been here for the Romería,  it really is a great weekend. Lots going on, and the colors are spectacular. For more photos you can check out the Facebook page Hecho en Salobreña.  Locals post their photos on there.  I have so many photos, that I will be doing multiple posts for this event




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