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Well last night saw a very well attended silent procession through the old town.  There was a different atmosphere to last nights procession from the previous nights.  There was a very definite hush over the crowd as Jesus was carried by about 50 men through the winding streets.  I must say, I am not a religious person but these processions are very moving to witness.  Almost makes me a believer.. Almost.   Without further delay, here are the photos from last night.  Last night’s procession had a very eerie feeling to it, hopefully this will be shown in the photos..Enjoy!

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Well I almost did not make it to see the procession, as 11pm snuck up on me..I had to chase down the hill after them to be honest..but I did and I think I got some interesting shots..The first night the procession was led by children, last night it was the men, tonight it is the women. So make sure you check back tomorrow to see those photos.

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