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Recently I took another trip to La Alpujarra mountain range and in doing so, was able to get up close to some of the large wind turbines that dot the hills that can be seen from Salobreña.

Spain is the 4 largest producer of wind power in the world.  Only the USA, Germany and China out produce us.   The towers on average are about 212 feet tall, with blades reaching lengths of 116 feet.   I have included a video that I took last winter of a blade being transported on the back of a flat bed truck to give you an idea of their size.

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We saw this cave on the side of the road yesterday on the road to La Alpujarra.  We went inside to look around, and clearly it is still in use on occasion for shelter, a great teen party place for sure!

Talk about a busman's holiday.

The mean streets of Capileira

There ain't nothin like a siesta in the heat of the afternoon.


Drinks by the church. Anyone know what kind of horse this is?

If you are looking for something fun and interesting to do while you are here in the area, definitely check out La Alpujarra mountain range with all its beautiful picturesque little villages, you can go for the day, or even overnight as there are tons of inexpensive types of accommodation.  A lovely place to walk around, and there is a chocolate factory… What more do you need.

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