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Just an open field below  Salobreña on the road to La Caleta.  Each year at this time the Pampas Grass flowers and can be seen  in nearly every open field in the area.  Colours vary from plant to plant, some are snow white, whilst others display beautiful shades of pink, purple and gold.

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And what a Sunday it was as far as the weather was concerned but, beauty abounds regardless.

How the day began

An hour later

In living color

High winds bring in the high rollers

That’s La Caleta for ya.

I don’t want to tell you what it looked like they were pulling out of the water.

This is all the same day


Gimme Shelter

Nothing like a guy with a trumpet on the beach.

Wait up guys!

An hour or two later


And yet the sun still shines

Curtain of rain.

Sunset coming on

Back down to the beach for the big finale.

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Pretty Girl

Nice horsey.

I spotted this lovely girl yesterday on one of my forays into the campo yesterday.  I pulled up to her and started oohing and cooing, and saying what a pretty girl she was and when was her baby due etc.  I didn’t really expect an answer, but I do like to engage animals when I can.  Anyway, as I pulled away, I took one last look, only to be met by some rather large horsicles, not a mare afterall.  He might even be a mule, that is how much I know about the equine world.

Jardinero planting new banana trees.

For all my banana pudding dreams.

A little further down the road I came across this chap just mapping out where he was going to plant his new banana trees; 2-3 meters apart he advises.  He made a point of telling me that these were local bananas, not the kind from the Canary Islands.   I was surprised at how small the root base is.

This is the church bell in La Caleta.

I was driving on the cat-mobile when I spotted this scene.  I must have passed this way 1000 times, and only yesterday noticed, I think, the church bell for the first time.  I mean I knew it was there, but I don’t remember ever seeing the bell so clearly from the highway.

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I went for a walk yesterday along the path that leads from the Plaza de Lavaderos in La Caleta along side the sea.  It was a strange day weather wise, grey and overcast, dull and looking like rain, which later turned to full on sunshine.  Even though the weather was a bit questionable at the time, it was still a lovely walk.


Just leaving the Plaza (Square).

The cool blue waters of the Mediterranean

Looking other worldly.

The biggest building that you see atop the hill is the Hotel Salobreña.

The stone pathway ends at this little cove, you may continue on but it is over hill and dale after this.

Clear pools of trapped seawater at the waters edge.

Watch for fallen rocks.

This marker denotes that this pathway is part of a longer official walking route through the area.

There is a small book available at the tourist office on the official marked walks and trails in the area.  They have walks listed for all level of walker out there, so even if it is not something you usually do, there will be a trail suited to your level of physical ability.  Happy Trails.

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The weather has been just beautiful the last couple of days, although windy, it has not detracted from enjoying a nice walk along the beach.  The sea is looking beautiful with its Caribbean like turquoise waters with frothy roiling white caps.



Here's looking down at you kid

Translated, the Jester

Dining Al Fresco

Sugar Cane Factory in La Caleta

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I though I would post a couple of pics of Salobreña from up the Monte, so that people that may be coming to the area could get a feel for just where things are geographically.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

To give you an idea, it takes about 10 minutes to drive from Salobreña to the golf region, and walking from La Caleta to the golf course is doable, but it better be your only activity that day.  If driving, you only need to go a little bit further to visit the bird marshes for some excellent quiet time and bird watching.

Entrance to La Caleta with all the new builds. Alert Marina on the way!

The blossoms will be gone before we know it.

Who can resist her?

You're not in Kansas anymore.

You can't make this stuff up.



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It was a beautiful blustery day here in Salobreña, many took advantage of the lovely weather to take a walk along the beach or catch some rays.  This weekend also saw the annual fishing derby take place.

This reminds me of a glass copy of a wave.

Along the beach looking towards La Caleta

The Peñon restaurant closed for the season and under renovation.

Aaaah togetherness.

Catching some rays and reading the paper in the shelter of the Peñon.

Enjoying the sand and sea.

Beach BBQ

Fishermen competing for the biggest catch.

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Well, ask and ye shall receive… it’s true.  In the mail this morning was this fantastic shot of the Virgin Carmen being carried to the waters edge for her voyage by boat around the bay.  I am still looking for more photos if anyone has any so do send anything you have.  This photo was taken by Norm, who is a long time resident in the area.  I thank you Norm it really is a great shot!

Carmen being carried to the waters edge.

Carmen being carried to the waters edge.

For those unaware, the Virgin Carmen is the patron saint of seafarers everywhere, and her blessing is bestowed on all who sail the seas.

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As promised, another great old photo of Salobreña.  This is a fabulous old B&W photo of Salobreña with La Guardia and the tip of La Caleta just in the frame.  A few things about this photo.

1. Casa Rojo- still standing and in use today for concerts and exhibits

2. The old Pine tree.. this tree is still standing today

3. The old Guardia Civil Barracks

4. The N340 highway

5. The town of La Guardia

6. La Caleta and the sugar factory

7. One of the old Aristocracy houses which is now the second hand shop.



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It’s a great day when I open my email and find photo submissions from a reader.  These snaps come from Chris Sewell who has a place is Benaudalla, which is about 15minutes from Salobreña.  Really a very lovely  little town nestled in the mountains.  You get stunning views, and the town has an Ancient Nazari Garden site built by the Moors. Check out this link after enjoying Chris’s photos. http://www.salobrenacleaners.com/mustsee2.html

Looking up Calle Real towards the Castle entrance

Looking up Calle Real towards the Castle entrance

Another pretty entrance to a village house

Another pretty entrance to a village house

Look into my eyes, don't look around the eyes, when you awake you will not see any graffitti I repeat, you will not see any graffitti 5 4 3 2 your back in the room.

Mirador or Lookout station by the radio station

The view from that mirador.

The view from that mirador.

The old sugar cane factory in La Caleta

The old sugar cane factory in La Caleta

La Caleta Harbour

La Caleta Harbour

La Caleta Cove

La Caleta Cove

If you saw this blog a few days ago, you would have seen a post showing photos of the seaside path in La Caleta, at the end of that path, lies this little bathing cove.  It’s a lovely little private spot.

Thanks again to Chris Sewell for submitting these photos for all to enjoy! Great Shots! ps I am working on the road info for you.

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