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It’s been a blustery weekend, lots of sun, but a cold wind blows to remind us that it is winter in southern Spain.  I got all wrapped up and headed off to La Charca both today and yesterday.   All of the usual suspects are there, but I did manage to spy a couple of birds that I had not seen up close before.  The place was relatively busy too, there were lots of people quietly creeping around with smiles, while pointing fingers, binoculars and cameras in every direction.

Today I get to post my very first ever photos of these 3 birds.  Enjoy!

Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus).


Common Snipe (Gallinago gallinago)

Common Snipe

Purple Gallinule (Porphyrio porphyrio).

Purple Gallinule (Porphyrio porphyrio).

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ooh it’s exciting, I went to the marshes again yesterday and got this shot of a Marsh Harrier going in for the kill, plus a short 33 second video of it flying around.

Footage of our juvenile flying.


One of two birds of prey spotted on the window ledge of an apartment just outside the reserve.

Is this a Kestrel?

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Morning Glory

Salobreña native Maria Louisa

Great Heron or Garza Real

Common Egret

Great Heron, or Garza Real

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Coming over? Don’t forget to bring your golf  clubs, we have an 18 hole golf course located just 6 km from Salobreña.

Los Mariscos Golf  Club is located in Playa Granada  just a short distance from the La Charca de Suárez bird sanctuary, so if you like both activities, look out!

In the off season here, you can rent a 2 bedroom  apartment in the area for as little as 225 euros per week,  not per person, per apt and it would be walking distance to the club.  You can’t beat those prices.  I stopped by yesterday to take some photos  of the driving range with its practice putting greens.   The course is located right on the coast, so you can hear and see the sea on one side, and the snow capped mountains and Salobreña on the other.  If you are looking to rent, check out http://www.rentcostatropical.com  they are a local outfit that I know very well, and have many many inexpensive but upscale rentals available, not only in the Playa Granada, but all over the region. Just a taste boys.

At the driving range

Beautifully maintained practice putting greens.

Long putt


Limbering up

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I received an email from a Mr Gerry Collins, a fellow bird watcher, and he has sent some really good photos of some of the birds that he  spotted recently at the sanctuary in Playa Poiniente in Motril… If you have not taken the time to visit, then I really recommend it.  Even if  all you want to do is go for a nice walk, this place is perfect for you.  The paths are nice and level, and it’s lovely and quiet.  WC’s are open to the public as well. Thanks Gerry!

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The online translated definition of the word Charca is pond, but having been there recently I have to say its a cross between a pond and a marsh.  The lakes and wetlands of La Charca de Suérez are the last of the great system of wetlands related to the River Guadalfeo delta.  In the middle of the 18th Century it covered over one thousand hectares.  To date over 140,000. square metres have been purchased by the Motril City Council to preserve the area and maintain the exceptional ecological value.   In the last census, over 200 different species of vertebrates were identified, of that, 27 were singularly unique.

I passed by there on Friday evening about 4pm and had great luck in being able to identify several different species of water fowl and song birds.  It is a great place to go and have a quiet walk on a level trail, easily traversed by even the most immobile of persons, so if you are a bird watcher, avid or otherwise, you surely won’t be dissappointed.

La Charca is located just minutes from Salobreña, and can be found not far from the restaurant Katena, also written Catena. It is on the Motril beach road, just prior to the camping area if approaching from the port.  There is plenty of parking, and is a lovely way to spend a few hours of peaceful solitude broken only by your own oohs and ahhs.  In other words, well worth the visit.  I will be going regularly, and need to clarify the hours once more prior to posting them.  Here are some of the birds I saw while there for an hour.

Mallard giving Chase


Mallards and an unidentified hen in the background


Common Carricero


Inside the blind

Looking to the left

Looking to the right.

Unidentified beachcomber

Spanish Coot

Spanish Coot

Lovely little Grieb

I will surely being going back on a regular basis and posting photos of each and every different species I find.  If you have any questions, or I can be of any assistance just drop me a line.

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