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Another strange and wonderful find for me.  Ten years here on the coast, and I am still finding new things.  After visiting a friend in hospital in Motril, I decided to take a route I had never taken before.  I headed north from the hospital, and found myself on a beautiful scenic drive through a pine forest, and out the other side to a small area of ruins and homesteads.  This is also the road to take to get to the Fabrica Del Rey rural route.  I will be going again and following that route one day soon, but I think in a car the next time instead of the scooter, a breakdown out there would be disastrous, as the bat cycle isn’t exactly the bat mobile.  On part of the journey, you cross over the new highway that is being built, but at the moment, it actually has stopped progression right here, as you can see by the photo it is quite ugly, rather ground zero-ish in appearance.  Other sites were lovely, and I have tried to show you both.

Motril in the background with old highway marker in the foreground.

Bat Cycle

Pine Barrens

Right out of the rock.

Along the route you will see this sign for the old mine shaft which you can visit.

The new Autovia de Mediterranea stops here.

On the same bridge, pedestrian foot path is secured by wooden fence, my guess is livestock use this too for safe passage

Honk if you love geese!

Start of the Fabrica Del Rey Rural Route which travels up off this road.

Following the road to La Gorgaracha, lots of ruins.

I think this is an old smoke house, but if anyone can confirm this please do.

Good news, it’s for sale!

Just in case there is interest.

Open plan

A not so old ruin, but a ruin just the same

The time required to see all of this was under a couple of hours, and I was traveling via the bat cycle.

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