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Great news! On October 24, Legends Bar on the beach is holding a No limit hold em poker night.  25€ +5€ no limit hold em.  Seats are limited, so if you want to be involved, you must contact Soren at either

+34 664 425 366 or email him at info@notwebdesign.com

It should be a great evening, and who doesn’t love a little poker.

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I awoke to these two little beauties this morning.  Someone is pushing kittens in thru my kitchen window,  they know we love animals.. We have 6 cats currently. We’ve had more.

Anyway I awoke this morning to these two running rough shod all over the place. Orange and Black however will be leaving on the first stagecoach out of here. Unfortunately, more cats we don’t need, no matter how adorable they are, even if Mike is away.. I must re..sist, I must.

Which ties in nicely with a reminder, that you can find donation boxes all over town taking collections for the spaying and neutering of stray animals.  It’s a very worthy cause, and I know that you can find one of these boxes at the bar Legends down on the beach.  The boxes are supplied by the group Paws for Thought, and so please do.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Black and Orange

Black and Orange

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This weekend, at  Legends Bar on May 24th at 2pm located at the beach in Salobrena, they are holding a fund raiser for a local group that spays the strays as well as provide much needed medical attention to the stray animal population.

The cost is just 6 euros and this includes a free buffet, live music, and Tombola.  At the last fund raiser nearly 600 euros was raised, that money was used to spay and neuter some 10 animals and many others were given medical attention.

Paws for Thought has been set up by a group of local people in association with Dr Jessica Morales of Clinica Natura.  It’s aim is simple, to reduce the number of homeless animals living on our streets and to care for those in need of help. Finding loving homes for these abandoned cats and dogs is also a top priority.

If you are able to make a cash donation, GREAT, you can find collection tins in the following locations.  Lingwoods Inmobilaria and SW Designs at the foot of the Monte,  Clinica Natura Veterinario, and at the Bar Legends on the sea front, but why not come out and enjoy a great night and help a worthy cause!

Too many animals have suffered needlessly already.



This is Katie, one of the strays that we personally took in off the streets of Salobreña.

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