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29sep 2014 d3100 002



lenticular 3

lenticular 4

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Well I got a very pleasant surprise when I opened my blog page this morning to post the photos that I had taken yesterday.  We are having beautiful fall weather, and with it beautiful stunning skies.  Anyway back to my pleasant surprise.


I am currently sitting at 99,999 viewers as of right now.. it was so momentous, I just had to take a photo!  It’s been 6 years since I started the blog, and recently it’s been quite difficult to come up with new things to write about.  Salobreña and the area are really quite  special, but it’s difficult to be fresh after 5 years, but I am going to continue to try.

Who will be 100K, if it’s you, please tell us where you are from!

Now the big news, we are only days away from the annual Romeria here in Salobreña.  To me this is the biggest day of the year here and one of the biggest parties going.  I never miss it.  There is food and music and traditional dress and horses and fireworks and you name it, it is happening on the beach on Sunday.  If you are here, be sure to get your program from the tourist office, you won’t want to miss a thing.  To see just what will be going on, check the archives for October’s past in or around the 7th of October.  You won’t want to miss this!

Now, back to those skies!

Big Cloud

Blue skies

They came from outer space



flying saucers



pan from the paseo














































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Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, big fluffy white clouds but then in the afternoon, Holy Black Smoke Batman!

We had  a fire yesterday behind the big fruit packing plant in the industrial park behind the bp station.  I spotted these lenticular clouds while on my way back from Motril, I wasn’t home long when the smoke from the big fire was spotted over our place.  It looked very close, and after verifying that none of my friends houses were on fire, I headed over to get some shots and take a video. OOOhhh it was an exciting day!


Lovely cumulous clouds over the Monte

Fluffy White Stuff

Lenticular Clouds


The same lenticular clouds a couple of hours later just over the fire


View from El Postigo, the entrance to the paseo de flores.

Black and White, and lots of it

Where there is smoke.

Finally, the white smoke of dousing

I took a lot of pictures, I have to use them.

Under the volcano

I decided to get closer.

Not even for you guys

Our heros siphoning water from the mains

Getting in close to the action

And day turns to night

and they just kept on going

A view from the other side, almost out

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