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This Friday June the 8th sees the start of the Fiesta de San Antonio held in honor of the Patron Saint of Lobres, the town located just 10 minutes north of Salobreña.  The annual Fiesta de San Antonio is the largest celebration held there every year.  Although the fiesta starts on Friday evening at 10pm, most visitors to the area will probably enjoy the celebrations occurring on Saturday the 9th, Sunday the 10th and Wednesday the 13th.  A full list of activities can be found at the tourist office in Salobreña.  If you have children you are in luck, as most of the activities are designed with children in mind.  See you there!


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Due to technical difficulties, I have deleted the earlier post and redone it.

Cross location maps are available at the tourism office in Plaza Goya.

First Place went to The Cruz Asociación Pataure, showing at the Casa de Cultura in Lobres.

Second Place went to The Cruz La Fuente del Deseo by the Mujeres de Salobreña, showing at the Mujeres de Salobreña clubhouse.

Third Place went to Cruz Pub Psilicon, showing at Pub Psilicon.

There were 13 or 14 crosses in all, I managed to photograph all but two or three. Perhaps tomorrow.

I Googled the history of the Cruces de Mayo Festival, and Wikipedia came up with a nice short concise explanation.  You can read all about it at this link.      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiesta_de_las_Cruces.   As well as crosses and themed backdrops, at each site there was a tapas bar with seating.  You have to love a country that charges more for a coke then it does for a beer.

Enjoy the photos.

First Place,

Second Place winners, La Fuente del Deseo

The cross was a functioning fountain.

Third Place winner Pub Psilicon. Design is made with colored sands

Pub Bora Bora’s entry. Fruits are the Níspero which are in season at the moment.

Cafeteria Salobreña’s entry

Mujeres Tropical entry located in the Seniors Center up in the old town.

The Ghula Bar entry. Pronounce Hula Bar. Cross decorated with bottle caps

Restaurant Agua Verde entry. Agua Verde always have a great display. It’s huge and clearly one of the towns favorites.

La Caleta, La Guardia entry in La Caleta,

Cruz de Humillación

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First up, the festival of San Antonio.  This takes place on the weekend of  the 13th of June in Lobres, which is just minutes away from Salobreña.   There will be a concert and religious procession on the Saturday, and recreational activities on the Sunday.  People of all ages are welcome to attend and participate.

Next up:

My favourite fiesta of them all.  Celebrating John the Baptist, this party takes place in Salobrena on the beach with a huge bonfire, and the public is welcome to have a  fire of their own as well.  This is also the only night of the year that you are allowed to have a fire on the beach so make the most of it!  Sleeping  on the beach is also permitted but as with the bonfires,  only on this night.  At about 10pm a fire lighting procession starts off in town, and makes its way to the beach to light the fire,  the fire is then lit at about 11pm.  At midnight, there is a spectacular fireworks display out on the water, and then live music and dancing until dawn.  All of the bars and restaurants will be open to the wee hours as well.   There will be street vendors selling everything from Gucci knocks offs to cotton candy.

Don’t miss this party, it really is fantastic night.  I have included a couple of photos from previous years fire to whet your appetite.  The fair grounds will also be set up with rides and games for the kiddies, throw a dart, win a Jamón! Don’t forget to get both feet and your face wet in the sea water at midnight, it’s guaranteed to ward off any evil spirits.  Guarenteed S*

Look how small dem peoples is!

On the 24th, there will be a religious procession, as well as the annual Tapa festival up in the old town on the Paseo de Flores.  Get there early!

Now for the more health conscious of you out there.

The new paddle tennis courts located next to the new football pitch are now and available for use.  Court rentals are 10 euros per hour, with artificial lighting available for night play.

For more information call  958 127 448- mornings only or in the afternoon call  958 612 618

or email:  ebonesalobrena@ebone.es

Starting in June, there will be a secondary Tourist Office Kiosk set up on the beach to assist tourist and merry makers alike.

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