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Coming over? Don’t forget to bring your golf  clubs, we have an 18 hole golf course located just 6 km from Salobreña.

Los Mariscos Golf  Club is located in Playa Granada  just a short distance from the La Charca de Suárez bird sanctuary, so if you like both activities, look out!

In the off season here, you can rent a 2 bedroom  apartment in the area for as little as 225 euros per week,  not per person, per apt and it would be walking distance to the club.  You can’t beat those prices.  I stopped by yesterday to take some photos  of the driving range with its practice putting greens.   The course is located right on the coast, so you can hear and see the sea on one side, and the snow capped mountains and Salobreña on the other.  If you are looking to rent, check out http://www.rentcostatropical.com  they are a local outfit that I know very well, and have many many inexpensive but upscale rentals available, not only in the Playa Granada, but all over the region. Just a taste boys.

At the driving range

Beautifully maintained practice putting greens.

Long putt


Limbering up

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