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This is by no means all of the fruit that we bought either.

Today was market day, and so today the boss and I went down to get our weeks worth of fruit and veg.  The prices were fantastic in my opinion.  Here is what we got for 9 euros.

1 kilo tomatoes

1 kilo delicious ripe cherries

1/2 kilo onions

a large bunch of bananas

1 kilo paraguayas- delicious little fruits that look like squashed peaches they can be seen in the photo

2 large avacados

All this for just 9 euros.. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a great deal.

When we got home I snapped this photo just outside our door over the wall.


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There is nothing like a steaming hot plate of fresh fish, and if fresh fish is your thing, then Salobrena is for you.  There are several places to buy fresh fish, but if you want to experience the Old Way, take a trip on down to the municipal market, and pick yourself out a good one.. Don’t speak Spanish? No problem, just point and smile.

This is another photo submitted by our friends at Costa Tropical Rentals.. she is doing her best to help me out while I am away and unable to take photos for myself.  Thanks H


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What a bargain!

The battle for fruit and veg

Gabriel y Mujer

Dry Goods Beans and BirdseedRed

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Every Tuesday and Friday morning there is a municipal market in our market square where you can purchase just about anything, from housewares to cherries, they sell everything. I have included a few photos from todays market, and I will be adding a couple more everyday over the next couple of days. EnjoyOranges up close


not sure these are peaches

yellow plums

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