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If you are into bird watching, and you are coming to the area, be sure to check out the marshes park located in the Motril Beach region called La Charca de Suárez.  The park is open year round, and covers about 20 hectares in total.    It was a very chilly day with not much sun, but just look what I saw today!

Garza Real- Great Heron

Garza Real- Great Heron

Garza Real

Garza Real

Great Heron & Common Egret

Common Egret

Mosquitero- Flycatcher

Mosquiteros- Fly Catchers

Mosquitero- Fly Catcher

Lovely flora

Lovely Flora

That’s it for La Charca this week, I go there every Saturday, so if anything strange or wonderful pops up you will see it here.

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