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Let sleeplessness begin, for next 24hours the party will be in full swing.  The fair is up and running, so if you are anywhere on the south side of the old town you can kiss a good nights  sleep goodbye. Last night the “Do you want to go faster” announcements went on until 02:30am accompanied by all the usual carnival hoopla.   The disco pumped it up until the wee hours as well, I know because I heard everyone going home…I finally just got up and decided to compose this last reminder of tonight’s activities, it’s 5:30 in the morning.

There is a lot going on this weekend.  Tonight is the big gathering on the beach for the giant bonfire, with live music and fireworks.   The band is an American jazz band by the name of  Rio Americano so make sure you are down there no later than about 9pm.   Fireworks go off at Midnight, and then it’s party on until dawn.  The bonfire and the band are both located in front of  Urbanization Salobreña Beach II.

Be sure to make a day of it, there will be tons of activities going on all day.  At 12pm at the beach by the Peñon, there will be a beach party with lots of activities for the whole family.  They are going to have one of those giant foam producing machines for the kids as well as lots of water activities.  Small wading pools will also be erected for the wee ones.

Tomorrow the 24th  is the 13th annual Tapas Festival which is being held in the Paseo de Flores starting at 12pm. Make sure you stop by to sample some of the delicious tapas on offer with the purchase of a cold drink.

There is tons more going on, so for a complete list of activities  please see this pdf file  sanjuan .  It is in Spanish, but very easy to get the gist of even  if you are not completely fluent.  This document was prepared by the wonderful people at the Tourist Office here in town.


Enjoy the weekend everyone!





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