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As promised here are a few photos from Tarifa, I didn’t actually get to take too many this time, as my camera was really acting up, and has since bought the farm.. So I have combined the new photos with some of the old ones not previously published..I was there in Sept 09 as well with my brothers.  Enjoy.  I would also like to mention that you can go whale watching in Tarifa as well!

This piece of art has been located at the main gate to the old town for many years.

Beach Boys

A family place

Tarifa has one of the nicest beaches in Spain.

This wooden walkway extends a few kilometers along the beach.

The walkway passes very close to grazing cows, quite scary at first as there is no railing.

Getting close.

Beach front properties for rent

Entrance to the old town.

Fishing boats in the port.

Getting Ready


Lots of women in this sport.

I'm sailing.

The eagle has landed

1am and some shops are still open.


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