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And what a beautiful May day it was Sunday, the beach was packed, certainly no parking could be found the entire stretch of the beach, and it was the perfect day for a fund raiser.  The people at Paws for Thought, had yet another successful fund raiser on Sunday at the bar Legends.  Owner Jo put on a fantastic buffet lunch with at least 40 different items to choose from with a killer curry to boot.  All in all, I think about 4o or 50 people showed up to eat, laugh, win and support this oh so worthy cause.

For those of you that are new to the site, Paws for Thought is a local charity that helps the stray animals living in and around Salobreña. The charity works to spay and neuter these strays, give medical attention, and whenever possible find them new homes.  Much fun was had at the fund raiser despite the terribly windy day.

fund raising

Fund Raising

lunch guests

Waiting on a sausage

buying a windup

Buying a wind-up

no parkingno parking

at the beachat the beach

beach2what a view.

So there you have it, just another day in paradise!

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Hold on to your tortillas and pulpo everyone, our very own Town Hall has decided to make life that much more fun for the rest of us.  It has come down from the powers that be that parking in the old town is now no longer going to be an option unless you have a permit.  Permits are non transferrable and registered to a specific automobile.  Here it is in a nutshell.

* the permit is available to property owners only.
* the permit applies to a particular car registration number only.
* the permit is non transferable.
* the permit is free of charge
* penalties for parking without a permit are fines and or towing.

So basically, it means that just owning property in the old town does not entitle you to have a permit, you must be a resident here..as most of you are aware, a huge percentage of owners are not residents, but frequent visitors and rental owners. How will this impact the rental market I wonder?  As for those coming to the area, do not be discouraged, we are working on a solution.

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The secret of parking in the old town, is getting as close to the wall as possible.  Obviously, this chap is a seasoned veteran,  not only does he leave more space for getting by the car, but he has cleverly protected one side of the car from the inevitable “scrape and run” that happens so often here..Remember people, Maximum insurance and the smallest car is the order of the day.

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