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I have just received an email from the tourist office here in town advising me of the events happening this month for all to enjoy.  Without further ado, here is the list.

 Exhibition by painter Francisco Moreno

Where: Salobreña Municipal Library- 2nd floor

When:  6th to the 20th of May: Monday-Friday 10am-1pm, 5pm-8pm// Saturdays 11am-1pm

Entrance Fee:  Free


 Monthly Car Boot Sale

Where: Parque  de la Fuente

When: 7th of May, 9:30am-1:30pm 

While there, make sure you stop by and see the Gals and Guys at Paws For Thought, our local animal rescue charity team.  Support them if you can with either a small donation or purchase one of the many goods on offer.  These people work tirelessly to home and spay the local stray animal population.


An Evening of Live Flamenco

An evening of Flamenco with David de Jacoba, with Carlos de Jacoba on guitar, Lucky Losado on percussion and featured guest artist Isaac de los Reyes

Where: Salobreña Auditorium

When: 21May at 9.30 pm

Entrance: 12 euros


Spring Concert

The Salobreña Choir

Performing works from the Renaissance up to the 20th Century

Conducted by: José Luis Serrano Acalde


The International Choir- South of Granada

Performing  popular songs of the Alpujarras

Conducted by: Cat Jary


The Banu Nay Quintet

Performing are:

Sergio Torres- Bass Flute

Chris Zeul- Alto Flute

José Angel Moreno- Tenor Flute

Marco Montovani- Alto Flute

José Luis Serrano- Soprano Flute

Performing works from the Renaissance period right up to the 2oth Century

Where: Salobreña Auditorium

When: 28 May 9 pm

Entrance: Free


Casa de Cultura Art Class Exhibition

On display will be the works completed by those taking courses at the Cultural Centre throughout the year. 

Included are Tapestries, Adult Painting, Decorative Painting, and Hand made Lace.

Where:  Salobreña Municipal Library

When: 7pm

NOTE*  This is the first evening of a 2 week show ending June the 10th.  From June the 1st to the 10th, hours are 6pm-8pm. 


Also on this evening the Music, Fashion and Dance Students from the varying classes will be performing at the Salobreña Amphitheater

Included are a fashion show, ballet, salsa, flamenco and live music.

Where: Salobreña Amphitheater

When 31May 8pm

Entrance: Free

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Okay everyone, this is another reminder that the annual “Paws for Thought” dinner is being held on the 11th of December at the Asador Restaurant located directly across from Super Sol on Avenida de Mediterráneo.

All profits are used for animal welfare.

More than 100 cats and dogs have been neutered or spayed since the start up and that is not all!  Monies are also spent on additional surgeries to restore sight, cure infections and much more.

Re-homing these animals is also high on the list of priority, and so far, they are doing fantastically well at this as well.  Great Work Ladies, and  see you on the 11th.

Reservations are required, so please contact Joanne James at 628 548 895 to book your seat.  Remember, last year this event sold out with everyone having had a wonderful time.  The cost of the ticket includes one raffle ticket for your chance to win one of the many fabulous prizes, additional tickets can be purchased on the night.  More than 50 tickets have already been sold already, so don’t miss your opportunity to get yours!

Please come out and support the fine work being done by Joanne and her team of Pussy Cat Angels.  Remember you can also stop by their little makeshift shop set up next to the post office each Monday between 10-1pm each week. All purchases are by donation only.  You decide what you can afford! Look for the  “Arnolds Removal”  sign next to the psot office.  Arnold generously donates this space to the Charity, so keep him in mind if you need something moved, he is a reliable chap and works fast and inexpensively!


I took a little drive into the countryside ( el campo) yesterday to take some photos for the blog.. I hope you enjoy.

Clever crop irrigation to newly planted trees. Remind you of anything?

Could these just be ornate ancient irrigation pathways? It's a more reasonable explanation.

Top of the giant rock outcrop on the north side of the highway


Ruin with a view

Rear Window

From the kitchen.

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Well as some of you know, the car boot sale has come to live in Salobreña now instead of Almuñecar, and we couldn’t be more pleased!  The car boot sale is held on the 1st Saturday of each month, and there is definitely something for everyone. Enjoy!

This little fellow was at the boot sale with the “Paws For Thought” charity.  They do a lot of good work here in Salobreña and up on the Monte.  This group works hard to help rescue, spay and  neuter, and re-home the stray population.  Cats  that are surviving well as feral cats, will be sterilzed and re released.  Whatever is best for the individual animal..Please support them if you can.  Boy that must be really hot water.

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I awoke to these two little beauties this morning.  Someone is pushing kittens in thru my kitchen window,  they know we love animals.. We have 6 cats currently. We’ve had more.

Anyway I awoke this morning to these two running rough shod all over the place. Orange and Black however will be leaving on the first stagecoach out of here. Unfortunately, more cats we don’t need, no matter how adorable they are, even if Mike is away.. I must re..sist, I must.

Which ties in nicely with a reminder, that you can find donation boxes all over town taking collections for the spaying and neutering of stray animals.  It’s a very worthy cause, and I know that you can find one of these boxes at the bar Legends down on the beach.  The boxes are supplied by the group Paws for Thought, and so please do.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Black and Orange

Black and Orange

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And what a beautiful May day it was Sunday, the beach was packed, certainly no parking could be found the entire stretch of the beach, and it was the perfect day for a fund raiser.  The people at Paws for Thought, had yet another successful fund raiser on Sunday at the bar Legends.  Owner Jo put on a fantastic buffet lunch with at least 40 different items to choose from with a killer curry to boot.  All in all, I think about 4o or 50 people showed up to eat, laugh, win and support this oh so worthy cause.

For those of you that are new to the site, Paws for Thought is a local charity that helps the stray animals living in and around Salobreña. The charity works to spay and neuter these strays, give medical attention, and whenever possible find them new homes.  Much fun was had at the fund raiser despite the terribly windy day.

fund raising

Fund Raising

lunch guests

Waiting on a sausage

buying a windup

Buying a wind-up

no parkingno parking

at the beachat the beach

beach2what a view.

So there you have it, just another day in paradise!

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Today, Sunday May 24 at 2pm Legends Bar on the beach is hosting the

Paws For Thought fund raiser.  For only 6 euros, you can help make a difference in the lives of the many stray animals living in and around Salobreña.  For your 6 euros, you will get an excellent buffet lunch, live entertainment, a great time, and there will be  draws as well.  So come on down for a good cause and help us make a difference.. If you cannot attend, but would like to donate, please don’t hesitate to contact me here and I will put you in touch with the correct people.  Here is another one of the strays that Mike and I have taken in over the years.

This is Daisy the day we found her living on the streets.

This is Daisy the day we found her living on the streets.

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This weekend, at  Legends Bar on May 24th at 2pm located at the beach in Salobrena, they are holding a fund raiser for a local group that spays the strays as well as provide much needed medical attention to the stray animal population.

The cost is just 6 euros and this includes a free buffet, live music, and Tombola.  At the last fund raiser nearly 600 euros was raised, that money was used to spay and neuter some 10 animals and many others were given medical attention.

Paws for Thought has been set up by a group of local people in association with Dr Jessica Morales of Clinica Natura.  It’s aim is simple, to reduce the number of homeless animals living on our streets and to care for those in need of help. Finding loving homes for these abandoned cats and dogs is also a top priority.

If you are able to make a cash donation, GREAT, you can find collection tins in the following locations.  Lingwoods Inmobilaria and SW Designs at the foot of the Monte,  Clinica Natura Veterinario, and at the Bar Legends on the sea front, but why not come out and enjoy a great night and help a worthy cause!

Too many animals have suffered needlessly already.



This is Katie, one of the strays that we personally took in off the streets of Salobreña.

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