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The first pic is a partial from a statue on the Roman Bridge. 2- Next is inside the Mezquita, 3- Bell tower from the church inside the Mezquita, 4-Inside the Mezquita 5-Ceiling detail inside the Mezquita, 6- One of the altars in the Mezquita.

Remains of some Roman Mosaic work in what looks like a bathing area or pool.

St James, Slayer of the Moors.  Some of his remains are reported to be entombed at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostella.  Santiago lies at the end of the Camino de Santiago- The way to St James.  An ancient pilgrimage route whos symbol is the scallop shell. If you look closely you can see one on his hat.  I have had the pleasure of doing the Camino on two occasions.

A shot taken directly under the huge incense burner in the Cathedral part of the Mezquita.

Detail from one of the shrines.

Column detail.

As always, click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

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