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Pretty Girl

Nice horsey.

I spotted this lovely girl yesterday on one of my forays into the campo yesterday.  I pulled up to her and started oohing and cooing, and saying what a pretty girl she was and when was her baby due etc.  I didn’t really expect an answer, but I do like to engage animals when I can.  Anyway, as I pulled away, I took one last look, only to be met by some rather large horsicles, not a mare afterall.  He might even be a mule, that is how much I know about the equine world.

Jardinero planting new banana trees.

For all my banana pudding dreams.

A little further down the road I came across this chap just mapping out where he was going to plant his new banana trees; 2-3 meters apart he advises.  He made a point of telling me that these were local bananas, not the kind from the Canary Islands.   I was surprised at how small the root base is.

This is the church bell in La Caleta.

I was driving on the cat-mobile when I spotted this scene.  I must have passed this way 1000 times, and only yesterday noticed, I think, the church bell for the first time.  I mean I knew it was there, but I don’t remember ever seeing the bell so clearly from the highway.

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