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You would not think that these two things could possibly be linked, but in my wonderful little life, they most certainly are.

So I had the great idea to clean my keyboard, I have done it many times before, but not for years, and not here in Spain to be honest. In the old days, you could just whip the cover off, and with a q-tip and some 96% alcohol, clean away the dirt and grime and cat hair from around the individual keys. We have 5 cats.

So I got out my trusty miniature screwdriver and set to work. I removed all of the screws without incident(I am handy) and attempted to separate the two pieces.  Not happening.  When I tried to pry the pieces apart, out tumbled about 20 little pieces of rubber, turns out they are the key, to keyboard suspension. You can’t drive one without them.  Looking at this I thought “forget this, how expensive can a new keyboard be”.  I like to be as practical and handy as much as the next gal, but spending 4hours putting all this back together again, if in fact I could, was not what I had envisioned for the rest of my day.  Besides, I had Tetris Battles at 3pm to win so,  Roadddddddddddd Trip. I got myself together and headed to  Al Campo, the shopping oasis and  shining star to the east of Salobreña.  You name it, you can get it here.

First let me say, that I am not a great shopper, I go in, get what I need and leave.  I am not a browser, I don’t go shopping when I am bored, I don’t care what is on sale, I don’t click on ads, I am the worlds worst consumer.  I also buy 99% of my clothes at second hand shops. One of my ploys to keep me out of the shops is dressing so badly that my friends buy me clothes for Christmas and birthdays.  It actually works out quite well.

So I took myself to Al Campo to get a shiny new keyboard.  Five euros ninety nine,  that is what a new keyboard cost. Is that fantastic or what. How can they even make them and ship them for that?

Whilst there I also decided to pick up some cat food and meat.  Did I mention we have 5 cats.  Anyway, on my way to the fresh meat department I came across a site so startling, so stupefying  that I just had to take some photos.  Now I have been to Al Campo at least 50 times over the last 12 years, but I don’t ever remember seeing this, it was astounding.  Pork, pork and more pork. I have never seen such a selection of dried sausage, chorizo, salami, jamón and all the other variations that met me on this day.  Unfortunately I did not get to take any pictures of the hanging jamóns,  security was a bit nervous of the woman taking close up photos in the meat department. But here is what I managed to snap.


These are usually cooked in soups or stews.


Stuffed with egg and pork


Morcilla, we know it as blood sausage

Morcilla and chorizo

Spicy hot chorizo.

Chorizo extra, I am not really sure what the extra is

Now that is progress, chorizo in intestines, in plastic.

Wall of deliciousness

Across the aisle

In case you don't own a knife.


Don’t forget to click on the photos.


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